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Professional Services

Accelerate your sustainability and supplier
engagement journey by enhancing your team with our SupplyShift experts

Supplier Contact Validation

Reduce friction from inaccurate supplier lists to efficiently onboard your suppliers.

  • Clean suppliers contact lists
  • Direct email outreach to encourage supplier participation
  • Conduct pre-assessment on SupplyShift to familiarize suppliers with platform

Supplier Follow-up

Hands-on support to bring suppliers online and maximize response rates.

  • Send assessment reminders
  • Direct email outreach to encourage supplier participation
  • Technical support sessions with suppliers as necessary

On-Platform Analysis

Gain insights quickly with hands-on support to set-up platform analysis of data.

  • Create analytics and comparisons to support KPIs
  • Build supply chains to visualize supplier relationships
  • Publish peer-to-peer benchmarking reports to suppliers

Supplier Response Validation

Ensure completion and accuracy of supplier responses to guide engagement efforts.

  • Review responses and/or documentation to ensure they meet criteria
  • Manage requests for data corrections
  • Direct outreach to suppliers to encourage corrections

Data Imports

Gain trending insights by integrating external data with ongoing assessment efforts.

  • Review, organize, and import into SupplyShift
  • Align external data to match current assessment framework
  • Configure calculations for analytics

Analysis and Reporting

Turn supplier data into easily digestible supplier sustainability
performance trends.

  • Methodically analyze supplier responses
  • Create in-depth customer performance reports or presentations aligned to KPIs
  • Develop supplier performance reports to encourage further engagement

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