ESG Investing

Investors care about ESG more than ever before. Yet for many, the supply chain is overlooked, even though this is where 80% of sustainability impacts are found. To stand out in today’s competitive environment, you must have a compelling ESG story in hand, and that story includes the supply chain.


The problem is that current ESG data solutions do not provide a holistic picture of ESG performance. InvestShift, a product of SupplyShift, was created to fill this gap. InvestShift is the only ESG investment platform that lets you track ESG performance in your portfolio companies and their supply chains.

The ESG Platform for Investors

InvestShift is the ESG investment platform that helps you monitor ESG risk exposure for portfolio companies and their supply chains. Uncover ESG insights, report performance to stakeholders, and take action to create a low risk, sustainable, future-proof portfolio.


“InvestShift’s technology will allow us to take our manual ESG measurement approach to scale. As an impact investing firm, having data that accurately tells the ESG story of our investees is critical, and most available technology that would improve efficiency doesn’t provide the necessary level of depth. InvestShift will allow Impact Engine to perform thorough ESG screens for current and prospective investments, which helps us engage our portfolio and drive improvement much faster.”

Priya Parrish

Managing Partner, Impact Engine

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InvestShift was created in accordance with the leading ESG standards bodies, giving you the data you need to create a sustainable, low-risk portfolio and stand out in the eyes of potential new investors.