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Powering the shift to supply chain transparency

Our Mission

At SupplyShift, we’re committed to helping businesses create more transparent, responsible, and resilient supply chains. We believe that, when properly managed, a company’s supplier network can deliver incredible value for the company, the greater economy, and can play an important role in changing our world for the better.




Today’s consumers are different. They care about the origins of the products that they buy. They want to buy from companies that reflect their values, and businesses are becoming more conscious about the impact they have on our world. At the same time, supply chains are increasingly complex, and better visibility can help companies navigate risk with renewed confidence. Now, what’s good for the bottom line is also good for people and planet. Responsible, resilient supply chains are driving economic growth. So we built a platform to bring together buyers, suppliers, industry experts, and the best metrics possible to help companies drive improvement and make the most insightful decisions for their business.



Our Mission

Our Story

SupplyShift was co-founded by Alex Gershenson and Jamie Barsimantov — two PhDs in Climate Science and Environmental Economics.


While consulting with companies to help them understand their carbon footprint, Alex and Jamie saw a change in corporate sustainability thinking. Businesses were starting to expand their focus from only their own internal operations into their supply chain, where the greatest impact is found. They also noticed a gap in the way businesses managed their supply chains. Companies were spending too much time managing data, leaving them no time to drive the strategic changes they wanted to see in their supply chains.


So Alex and Jamie put together a passionate team of professionals to build a solution — a solution that helps businesses work efficiently with their suppliers to improve the products they make and sell. Because without tools to help streamline the process, you’ll never get to the important part — transforming your supply chain. We believe that with the right resources, companies will view the supply chain as a strategic asset for their business, where transparency, risk resilience, and responsible business work in tandem to the value of the business as a whole.

Our Story

The Network for Responsible
Supply Chains

For business to thrive, collaboration in the supply chain is critical. That’s why we built a network for supply chain transparency. A place for buyers and suppliers to engage on critical aspects of risk without repeating their efforts. A place where information can be shared quickly and insights can be found efficiently.


We help some of the world’s most influential companies turn supplier information into action, improving their risk resilience and sustainable business practices. With tens of thousands of companies across 133 countries exchanging data every day, SupplyShift is the world’s largest supply chain transparency network.

Our values and team

We’re on a mission to make the world a better place for future generations. Learn about the team making it happen and the values we all share.

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