Turning Data Into Business Intelligence

by delivering the world's largest multi-tier supplier network

Our Mission

“Empower companies to make better decisions for their business, the planet, and people by unifying standard supply chain practices and responsible sourcing data”

SupplyShift delivers actionable supplier insights to enable buyers to transact with suppliers who meet financial, operational, and ethical standards set by the purchasing company.

We are committed to helping businesses create more ethical, transparent, and responsible supply chains. We believe that, when properly managed, a company’s supplier network can deliver incredible value for the company, the greater economy, and can play an important role in changing our world for the better.

Our Story

SupplyShift was co-founded by Alex Gershenson and Jamie Barsimantov — two PhDs in Climate Science and Environmental Economics. While consulting with companies to better manage their supply chain, Alex and Jamie noticed that their customers were spending too much time managing data collection and not enough time driving transformative change in supply chains.

So they built a solution to ensure that companies had the right tools to collect supplier data efficiently, and to ensure companies could focus their efforts on making responsible sourcing a reality for their business. Since its creation, Alex and Jamie’s vision has yielded the most widely used supplier network in the world.

Our Team
Customer Success
The Customer Success team ensures successful outcomes for all customers and partners in the SupplyShift network. Experts in responsible sourcing solutions, our Customer Success team works closely with you to collect, analyze, and deliver supplier data that enable you to meet your sustainability commitments.
"I strive to ensure that our customer's desired outcomes are a reality of working with SupplyShift. Through building relationships, asking the right questions, and truly being an advocate for the customer, our focus on collective goals allows sourcing progress to thrive."
— Caitie, Customer Success Manager
The Implementation team translates customer requirements into highly efficient supplier engagement solutions. They are SupplyShift’s technical experts. They play an important role in transforming a project from a set of assessments and requirements into a dynamic solution that eases the burden on your suppliers and helps you make the most of the data you collect.
"I value working closely with our customers to understand and deliver solutions for their unique goals. We make sure collaboration is core to all of our projects."
— Brianna McCain, Director of Implementation
The Product team leads the definition and development of our product to continually expand and improve the SupplyShift platform. They monitor customer and team input while watching for technology that ensures that SupplyShift remains an innovator in responsible sourcing technology.
"Delivering technology that enables companies to make responsible supply chain decisions is fun and challenging, but it's even more fulfilling to see my work have a positive, global impact."
— Zane, Senior Product Specialist
The Commercial team is responsible for SupplyShift’s business relationships with customers. Our Commercial staff maintains a deep understanding of the challenges businesses face as they work toward their responsible sourcing goals. Passion, integrity, and creativity are core to our Commercial team.
"As the initial point of contact for our customers, I am responsible for crafting responsible sourcing strategies that help our clients identify supplier risks, improve business practices, and track impact across their supply chains."
— Bryce, Account Executive