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Powering The Shift To Supply Chain Transparency

Our Mission

At SupplyShift, our mission is to empower businesses to build transparent, responsible, and resilient supply chains. We firmly believe that an effectively managed supplier network can generate immense value for companies, contribute to the greater economy, and foster positive change globally. Together we can change the world.

Regulators, consumers, shareholders, and employees are focussing on a company’s ESG impact now more than ever. They demand that companies can show that the products they produce and sell are created responsibly, ethically, and sustainably.  They are choosing to work with and buy from companies that align with their values. 

Businesses are becoming acutely aware of their impact on the planet and society. What was once seen as a strictly business function of procurement is now recognized as integral to a company’s overall ESG strategy. Responsible and resilient supply chains are driving economic growth and helping companies achieve their sustainability goals.

Why Choose Us?

We have developed an advanced platform that brings together buyers, suppliers, industry experts, and the most comprehensive metrics available. We empower companies, like yours, to understand their supply chain ESG risks and performance, driving continuous improvement through supplier collaboration to achieve their business and sustainability objectives.

Join us at SupplyShift and unlock the potential of your supply chain.

Our Story

SupplyShift was founded by two Climate Science and Environmental Economics PhDs, Alex Gershenson and Jamie Barsimantov, who saw an opportunity to leverage software to drive sustainability initiatives in every company in the world and make things easier for everyone involved.

As consultants, Alex and Jamie observed a significant shift in corporate sustainability practices. Companies began recognizing the importance of extending their focus beyond their internal operations to include their supply chains, where the most substantial impact on sustainability lies. They also identified a gap in the management of supply chains, where, without an effective platform, excessive time was spent on data management, hindering, and sometimes crippling, the strategic changes these businesses sought.

Alex and Jamie assembled a team of dedicated professionals to develop a solution and fill that gap. Their goal was to assist businesses in efficiently collaborating with their suppliers to enhance the sustainability of the products they manufacture and sell. We firmly believe that a company’s supply chain is a strategic asset for their overall business success when equipped with the right resources. This perspective encourages transparency, risk resilience, and responsible business practices to add value to the entire organization.

The Network for Responsible
Supply Chains

For business to thrive, collaboration in the supply chain is critical. That’s why we built a network for supply chain transparency. A place for buyers and suppliers to engage on critical aspects of risk without repeating their efforts. A place where information can be shared quickly and insights can be found efficiently.

We help some of the world’s most influential companies turn supplier information into action, improving their risk resilience and sustainable business practices. With tens of thousands of companies across 133 countries exchanging data every day, SupplyShift is the world’s largest supply chain transparency network.

Our values and team

We’re on a mission to make the world a better place for future generations. Learn about the team making it happen and the values we all share.