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Our Global
Partner Network

At SupplyShift, we know that collaboration forms the bedrock of transformative change. That’s why we’ve built a global network of esteemed partners, each playing an instrumental role in augmenting our capabilities and bolstering our offerings. It’s not just about what we do; it’s about the synergies we create, and our partners are a testament to this.

Amplifying Impact Through Collaboration

Our partnership network isn’t just an extension of SupplyShift—it’s an integral part of our DNA. By pooling services, data, and expertise, we’re able to enhance the SupplyShift platform and provide a more comprehensive approach to supply chain sustainability. Our partners catalyze our growth, enabling us to broaden our impact as we collectively work towards a more transparent and responsible global supply chain.


Data Partners

Our data partners enrich our analytics, endowing us with a wealth of data that allows us to offer a more granular, in-depth view of the supply chain. Reciprocally, the SupplyShift data set helps enrich our partners’ offerings, fostering a symbiotic relationship that amplifies our mutual capabilities.

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Network Partners

Our network partners are collaborative powerhouses, convening members and brands with shared sustainability objectives. These alliances create a fertile ground for ideation and collaboration, fostering an environment where collective action can drive substantial change.

Service Partners

Our service partners provide an array of complementary services to the SupplyShift platform. From auditing and data verification to expert consulting, these partners enhance our offerings and help our customers navigate the complexities of responsible sourcing and procurement.

Referral Partners

Our referral partners serve as global ambassadors for SupplyShift, helping us extend our ecosystem by connecting us with potential clients who could benefit from our platform. These partnerships enable us to extend our reach and scale our impact, driving sustainability at a global scale.

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Join Our Network

Interested in exploring a partnership opportunity with SupplyShift? Please fill out the form with your contact information, and our team will be in touch upon reviewing your inquiry.