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A Great Place To Start: Launch Your Supplier Sustainability Program

Launch helps you boost supplier performance by uncovering the sustainability maturity of your supply chain. You will enhance environmental, social, and ethical practices while safeguarding your business, people, and the planet


End-to-End Supply Chain Transparency

In 3 easy steps, you can start your journey and launch into better supply chain sustainability.


Upload your data from your existing excel spreadsheet. No manual entry, no human error. Sustainability made simple.


Streamlined sustainability assessments and improved supplier response times. Take advantage of our expertise in the Supoply Chain.


Share supplier insights and improvement plans effortlessly with internal & external stakeholders directly from the platform.

Getting started with Supplier ESG

Drive supplier performance that aligns to your company’s environmental, social, and business ethics standards. Collect and analyze consistent data from across your supply chain on one unified platform.

Getting started with

Scope 3

Are you working to ensure that you have a solid Scope 3 strategy based on supplier data and engagement? Gather actionable insight from your suppliers with Launch: Scope 3 to measure Scope 3 impact and drive meaningful reduction in supply GHG emissions.

Focusing On Sustainability In Your Supply Chain

Improve your brand equity. Businesses that focus on creating a more sustainable supply chain improve performance and drive a greater impact while reducing the cost of capital and overall supply chain-related costs. Let Launch by SupplyShift be the starting point for your organization’s sustainability strategy!