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Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Impact

Diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) has become an influential topic in recent years. At the very least, consumers now expect brands to take a stand on social issues. Increasingly, they’re putting their dollars towards brands that commit to DEI throughout their entire business, including the supply chain.

SupplyShift provides businesses the tools and insights they need to understand their suppliers’ diversity commitments and build more inclusive supply chains.

Just starting out?

Acquire supplier diversity data efficiently for reporting, establish an assurance-ready methodology, and quickly build a foundation to track and monitor supplier performance.

Ready to up your game?

Track and validate your suppliers’ diversity information and DEI strategy, policies, and practices from company-wide value statements to certification schemes.

Collaborate with suppliers to understand the hurdles to adoption of DEI initiatives, identify areas of improvement, and co-create action plans.

Scaling up?

Establish improvement mechanisms and incentives programs, automate and integrate your existing systems, and improve data quality and granularity.

Go beyond Tier 1 to understand your suppliers’ diversity, equity, and inclusion performance on multiple tiers, including source.

Our Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Partners

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The right tools matter. Find yours.

SupplyShift develops industry-leading solutions for supply chain diversity in collaboration with our expert partner network to provide assurance ready supply chain data at your fingertips. Check out our standard assessment tools for supplier diversity, equity, and inclusion or work with us to build your own custom approach.

Supplier ESG Assessment

Supplier ESG Assessment

A social, environmental and business ethics performance assessment for your suppliers. Raise awareness, understand supplier risks, and continually improve conditions in your supply chain.

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Discover the power of DEI in today’s market. Consumers demand brands that embrace social issues. With SupplyShift, businesses gain the tools to foster diversity commitments and create inclusive supply chains.

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