Diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) has become an influential topic in recent years. At the very least, consumers now expect brands to take a stand on social issues. Increasingly, they’re putting their dollars towards brands that commit to DEI throughout their entire business, including the supply chain. 


SupplyShift gives businesses the tools and insights they need to understand their suppliers’ diversity commitments and build more inclusive supply chains.

Supplier Policies
Supplier Policies

Track your suppliers’ diversity information and DEI strategy, policies, and practices, from company-wide values statements to certification schemes.

Multi-Tier Visibility
Multi-Tier Visibility

Go beyond tier one insights. Understand your suppliers’ diversity, equity, and inclusion performance at every level of your supply chain, right down to the source.

Capacity Building
Capacity Building

Collaborate with suppliers to understand hurdles to adoption of DEI initiatives, identify areas of improvement, and co-create action plans.

Enabling a diverse and inclusive workforce starts in the supply chain

Enabling a diverse and inclusive workforce starts in the supply chain

Supplier diversity is a complex issue, and without the right approach, it’s hard to make meaningful change. Understanding your suppliers’ internal programs and diversity commitments, such as women and minority-owned businesses, is a critical step to building an inclusive workforce. 


SupplyShift collaborates with leading DEI practitioners such as taproot ventures to provide you with the right data to amplify your supply chain diversity efforts. Combined with our intuitive technology platform and suite of off-the-shelf assessments, SupplyShift provides businesses with a holistic solution to their supply chain diversity challenges.

Featured Webinar:

Creating Equity and Inclusion within Supply Chains


During this SupplyShift Summit 2020 breakout session, leaders from Keen Footwear, taproot ventures, Kroger, and BSR explore the challenges of creating equity and inclusion in supply chains, and offer potential strategies for you to bring to your own business. 


Hear how to go about building “inclusive equity” with your suppliers, from ensuring your language and values are mutually understood, meeting your suppliers where they are, building a foundation of respect, and more.




  • Laura Mansfield, Chief Visionary and Catalyst, taproot ventures
  • LeShaun Smedley, Supplier Inclusion Manager, Kroger
  • Kate Sweeney, CFO & COO, Keen Footwear
  • Victoria Reca, Women’s Empowerment Manager, BSR
  • Moderator: Stephanie Cocumelli, Principal, taproot ventures

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