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Meet Your Climate Commitments

Companies globally are under pressure to measure, report, and mitigate their climate impact. To accomplish this, businesses are shifting focus to include their supply chains, where the biggest climate risks and opportunities are found.

For every stage of your supply chain Scope 3 journey, SupplyShift has you covered. From automated maturity assessments to product carbon footprints, including upstream supplier data mapping and performance tracking tools, SupplyShift provides efficient tools to effectively manage and reduce supply chain Scope 3 emissions.

Just starting out?

Get supplier-reported Scope 3 data efficiently for reporting, establish an assurance-ready methodology, and quickly create a foundation for tracking and improvement

Ready to up your game?

Get allocated emissions data to suit your business needs, address key ingredients and categories, and track supplier targets and action plans

Scaling up?

Establish improvement mechanisms and incentives program, automate and integrate with your existing systems, and improve data quality and granularity

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Collaborating to Reduce Supply Chain Emissions

Engaging suppliers for product carbon footprint to drive real, trackable supply chain emission reduction

Most of your suppliers haven’t measured their own Scope 1 or 2 emissions, let alone considered Scope 3. How do you engage them for product carbon footprinting?

Our GHG Partners

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The right tools matter. Find yours.

SupplyShift develops industry-leading solutions for supply chain Scope 3 in collaboration with our expert partner network to provide assurance ready supply chain data at your fingertips. Check out our standard assessment tools for Scope 3 or work with us to build your own custom approach.

Supplier ESG Assessment

Supplier ESG Assessment

A social, environmental and business ethics performance assessment for your suppliers. Raise awareness, understand supplier risks, and continually improve conditions in your supply chain.

GHG Leadership and Reporting Assessment

GHG Leadership and Reporting Assessment

A GHG emissions reporting and progress assessment for your suppliers. Understand management practices and reporting of GHGs and actively reduce emissions and climate risks.

THESIS for Retailers

THESIS for Retailers

The Sustainability Insight System (THESIS), created by The Sustainability Consortium (TSC) and powered by SupplyShift, is a science-based performance management system helping retailers transform the…

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Efficiency Is At The Core Of What We Do!

SupplyShift has the solutions you need at every step of your supply chain Scope 3 journey. Our automated maturity assessments, product carbon footprint analyses, upstream supplier data mapping, and performance tracking tools empower companies to efficiently manage and reduce supply chain Scope 3 emissions.

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