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Build a Sustainable Supply Chain

Cloud-based software engineered to enhance supply chain transparency and drive sustainable procurement practices. SupplyShift connects buyers and suppliers in one unified platform that enables responsible sourcing and emissions tracking, sharpens ESG risk detection, and elevates sustainability reporting.

Gain critical insights from real-time data and engage suppliers to create collaborative action plans that improve performance, mitigate risk, and advance your sustainability goals.


The Sustainable Procurement Solution

You can’t manage what you can’t see. SupplyShift provides comprehensive supply chain visibility and helps you engage your suppliers to collect, analyze, and visualize data from every tier of your supply chain. Track performance against your top priority ESG goals. Gain quick access to actionable insights, identify improvement opportunities, collaborate with suppliers to drive progress, reduce risk, and create a more resilient and sustainable supply chain.

Unlock Key Supplier Data

Discover and capture vital ESG data across every tier of your supply chain using our expert-built assessments. Protect profit margins, minimize disruptions, and enable data-driven decision making.

Scale Your Global Supplier Data Network

Enhance visibility across your supply chain and scale it effortlessly. Reduced supplier survey fatigue, get faster access to data, and gain comprehensive insights into every tier of your supply chain.

Maximize Visibility
& Mitigate Risk

Equip your organization with actionable insights for proactive risk management and compliance adherence. Streamline your reporting process with enhanced transparency and efficiency.

Gain Deep Insights From Expert-Built Assessments

Capture vital supplier ESG data using our 20+ expertly designed assessment frameworks, which can also be tailored to your company’s specific needs. Unlock a comprehensive view of your supply chain with data at the supplier, facility, and product level.

Ignite Supplier Engagement & Drive Improvement

Harness the potential of collaborative supplier relationships with capability building, regular audits, and performance tracking. Foster consistent improvement and ensure compliance across your supply chain.

Drive Supplier Engagement & Compliance

Collaborate with suppliers to create and execute action plans, conduct audits, and track performance. Exchange key business information, devise improvement strategies, and validate data, ensuring compliance and progress toward your sustainability goals.

Improve Existing Processes

Enhance operational efficiency and yield solid business outcomes by enabling enterprise-wide ESG data usage. Seamlessly integrate supplier data with existing systems such as ERP, PLM, and Procure-to-Pay.

Amplify Multi-Tier Sustainability Through The Network Effect

Gain visibility beyond Tier 1 into your entire upstream value chain. Enable your suppliers to track and improve their own direct supplier performance, fostering a chain reaction of sustainable practices.

Empower Every Department With Actionable Data

Provide valuable insights to every function in your organization–from your CPO enhancing supplier relationships, your CFO mitigating risks, to your product team refining sustainability profiles. Enable data-driven decisions that align with your business objectives.

Accelerate Your Time-To-Data

Jumpstart your data collection process with our streamlined approach to implementation. Begin receiving data in as little as three weeks, so you can start driving impact sooner.

Supply Chain Visibility

Discover the power of transparency with a platform that provides real (not estimated) supplier, facility, and product-level data.

Sustainability Performance Reporting

Leverage our expert-built standard assessments and customize them to your needs, to effectively measure and report on suppliers’ progress toward sustainability goals.

Supplier Engagement

Employ best-in-class tools to foster two-way communication with your suppliers, enhancing collaboration and driving improvements in performance.

SupplyShift not only provides the tools you need to reach your goals but also the Professional Services to help you get there.
See our Professional Services offerings to find out how we can help.

Scale Your Priorities

Explore our suite of standard assessments to discover solutions specific to your industry and goals.


A comprehensive facility-level tool to measure emissions intensity of any supplier manufacturing facility.



Developed in partnership with taproot ventures, a supplier DEI Assessment to better understand and advance diversity and inclusion in the supply chain.



Comply with regional modern slavery legislation and identify risk of modern slavery and human trafficking at every level of your supply chain.



A tool developed alongside WWF and CDP to assess suppliers’ GHG footprint, including emissions management practices, measurement, reduction efforts, and reporting.


We are working with companies of all sizes to advance their sustainability goals.

Growing Partnership Network

We partner with a variety of organizations that allow us to expand our reach so we can gather and qualify the data most relevant to your areas of concern.

What Makes Our Approach Better?

  • Extensive library of pre-built, assessments covering a multitude of sustainability topics 
  • Customizable questions and metrics to fit the specific needs of your business
  • Data at supplier, facility, and product-level
  • N-tier visibility and network effect based on our expanding database
  • Best-in-class tools for two-way communication with suppliers
  • Seamless data integration: use SupplyShift standalone or easily integrate our data into existing software
  • No supplier fees

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I really like the user experience. The tool tips were seamless, and helped make the process simple and quick compared to some of the other platforms on the market.”

SupplyShift is a breath of fresh air compared to other tools I have seen.”

“SupplyShift’s team is always very responsive, thorough, and detailed with their guidance.”

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