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Supply Chain Assessment Made Easy

Looking for a reliable and efficient way to assess your supply chain and drive sustainability? Our suite of Standard Assessments is the perfect solution for businesses seeking to leverage ESG data to improve supplier performance.


Supplier ESG Assessment

A social, environmental and business ethics performance assessment for your suppliers. Raise awareness, understand supplier risks, and continually improve conditions in your supply chain.

Human Rights Compliance Assessment

Identify the risk of forced labor and modern slavery at every level of your supply chain. Plus, comply with regional modern slavery legislation in Germany,…

Scope 3 Emissions Calculator

A comprehensive facility-level tool to measure emissions intensity of any supplier manufacturing facility.

Harness the Power of ESG Data For Enhanced Supplier Performance

SupplyShift’s Standard Assessments span industries such as Retail, Food & Beverage, ApparelPharmaceuticals, and more. Each helping organizations unlock the potential of ESG data. The assessments provide valuable insights into suppliers’ environmental, social, and governance performance, enabling you to easily identify areas for improvement, reduce risks, and ensure long-term sustainability across your entire supply chain.


Designed for rapid implementation in under 3 weeks on average, enabling businesses to seamlessly integrate assessments into current processes, saving time and resources.


Easily assess suppliers with a wide range of predefined evaluation criteria, while tailoring assessments to meet industry-specific needs or unique objectives for targeted evaluations.


Facilitate open communication and teamwork between businesses and suppliers to enhance transparency, promote accountability, and drive continuous supply chain improvements.

Streamline Assessment
& Reporting With Comprehensive
Ready-to-Use Tools

Simplify your supply chain assessment process with our user-friendly, pre-built evaluation tools. SupplyShift’s Standard Assessments are specifically designed to offer a streamlined approach to measuring, monitoring, and enhancing supplier performance. Save time and resources by leveraging our comprehensive assessment tools, while simultaneously driving sustainability and ensuring compliance.

Empower Your Business With Actionable Insights

Our Standard Assessments not only provide essential ESG data from suppliers but also offer actionable insights that enable you to make informed decisions about your supply chain. By identifying areas for improvement and working collaboratively with suppliers, you can foster a more sustainable supply chain, ultimately contributing to the overall success of your business.

SupplyShift has a fundamental understanding of our goals and mission and provides an innovative cloud-based platform to guide us and our members in the future.”

— Bonsucro

Custom Assessments

Work with our expert implementation team to design a visibility and risk management solution uniquely tailored to your business needs.

SupplyShift Services

Accelerate your sustainability and supplier engagement journey by enhancing your team with our SupplyShift professional services experts. Minimize resource burdens, decrease time to value, and efficiently achieve your goals.

Experience The SupplyShift Advantage

Take control of your supply chain assessment process with SupplyShift’s Standard Assessments. Our innovative, data-driven approach ensures you have access to the information you need to optimize supplier performance, reduce risk, and achieve your sustainability goals. Explore our comprehensive suite of assessment tools and experience the difference SupplyShift can make in building a resilient and responsible supply chain. Ready to learn more? Get in touch with our team.