SupplyShift Essentials

Standard Assessments

SupplyShift Essentials is a suite of standard assessments that helps you quickly align with best practices. Each program comes complete with ready-to-be-sent assessments, built-in scoring methodologies, and pre-built analytics dashboards, all designed to streamline progress toward your specific goals.

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Textile & Apparel Supply Chain Essentials

Textile & Apparel Supply Chain Essentials

In collaboration with Textile Exchange. Gain insight into your non-certified supply and create a sustainable apparel sourcing program at scale.
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SupplyShift has a fundamental understanding of our goals and mission and provides an innovative cloud-based platform to guide us and our members in the future.


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We’re always partnering to create standard assessments that target more industries and areas of interest.


If you are interested in creating a standard assessment to target your area of need, or are interested in partnering to develop a collaborative solution, contact us here.