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Supplier Contact Validation

Reduce friction from inaccurate supplier lists to efficiently evaluate your suppliers

  • Clean supplier contact lists
  • Contact suppliers directly to ensure accuracy of contact information
  • Conduct pre-assessment on SupplyShift to familiarize suppliers with platform

Ensures the appropriate supplier contact receives your request the first time and drives higher response rates and engagement.

Bundle with Other Services

This service can be bundled with the following services and sold as a package with a SupplyShift standard or a custom assessment.

Supplier Follow-up

SupplyShift Support Specialists conduct high-quality supplier outreach and platform follow-up after an assessment is sent to encourage supplier participation

Platform Analysis Set-up

On-platform set-up of analytic panes, comparisons, and maps after submissions of an assessment. Also includes support to set up the comparison and/or analytics to be published to suppliers for peer benchmarking

The Process

Verification of supplier contacts before sending the topical assessment. Useful for companies that have large numbers of suppliers from various systems and don’t know if contacts are up-to-date or the contact is the correct person to respond to the topical assessment.

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