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Goods Sector

Supply chain sustainability in the Consumer Goods sector is complex. At SupplyShift, we know that it’s a journey, and that’s why we have solutions for companies just starting out all the way to advanced options.

From raw materials to direct consumers, SupplyShift helps companies create the transparency in their product supply chains they need to efficiently meet compliance and reporting obligations. SupplyShift is here to help you ensure that your supply chain is operating with respect to human rights while meeting requirements for environmental sustainability.

Value at every step of the Journey

Just Starting Out?

  • Efficiently collect and report information required for compliance
  • Identify high-risk suppliers needing additional follow up
  • Build a foundation to measure continuous improvement

Scaling Up?

  • Easily identify improvement actions and track to closure with suppliers
  • Ability to address specific risks in key ingredients and categories
  • Track against KPIs that are meaningful to your business

Ready to Lead?

  • Improvement mechanisms, incentives and procedures enabled
  • Scaled automation through procurement integration
  • Granular and consistent data to enable continuous improvement

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Start Your Journey With The Transformational Power Of SupplyShift!

Whether you’re taking your first steps or already soaring high, SupplyShift has the perfect solutions to elevate your enterprise. Our unrivaled suite of offerings caters to both beginners and seasoned professionals, ensuring that you have the right tools and support to thrive at any level.

  • Ensure your supply chain operates with respect to human rights regualtions.
  • Enable efficient compliance and reporting obligations.
  • Create transparency in your product supply chains.

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