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Coming Together is a Beginning.

Keeping Together is Progress.

Working Together is Success.

Make an Impact

We focus on continuous improvement. We help global business achieve a measurable positive influence on the world. We take a proactive approach

Build Transparency

We nurture openness. We strive for clarity within our internal teams and our global network. We help companies make informed decisions by providing them with clear information. We are authentic.

Act Responsibly

We strive to make the best decisions for the company, for our world, and for the people in it. We take ownership of our actions.

Champion Collaboration

We partner for mutual success and growth. We foster the dialogue on supply chain transformation and impact, and we are stronger through these connections.

Be Your Best Self

We bring integrity to the work we do. We approach our challenges with a positive outlook. We bring our best and take time to be our best.

Respect One Another

We are open to different points of view. We treat others the way we want to be treated. We listen to learn and understand.

The SupplyShift Team


The Implementation team translates customer requirements into highly efficient supplier engagement solutions. They are SupplyShift’s technical experts. They play an important role in transforming a project from a set of assessments and requirements into a dynamic solution that eases the burden on your suppliers and helps you make the most of the data you collect.

I value working closely with our customers to understand and deliver solutions for their unique goals. We make sure collaboration is core to all of our projects.

– Meredith, Director of Implementation


The Product team leads the definition and development of our product to continually expand and improve the SupplyShift platform. They monitor customer and team input while watching for technology that ensures that SupplyShift remains an innovator in responsible sourcing technology.

Delivering technology that enables companies to make responsible supply chain decisions is fun and challenging, but it’s even more fulfilling to see my work have a positive, global impact.

– Zane, Senior Product Specialist

Join The SupplyShift Team

We’re a dynamic, fast-growing group based in Santa Cruz, CA. If you’re interested in joining our team, get in touch.