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Supplier Response Validation

Ensure completion and accuracy of supplier responses to guide your engagement efforts.

  • Review responses and/or documentation to validate they meet criteria
  • Reach out to suppliers directly to encourage response submission
  • Manage requests for data corrections

The benefits to you:

  • Data has been fully reviewed and corrections made by suppliers prior to analyzing the results.
  • Suppliers have an improved understanding of their customer’s expectations and have an opportunity to improve their scores by providing the correct information.
  • Suppliers receive confirmation that their data is being reviewed.

The Process

Basic Package:

The SupplyShift Implementation Team and the customer will meet to identify indicators and documents to be reviewed and define the criteria in which the supplier responses will be reviewed against.

A timeline will be set for the validation review process based on the number of suppliers sent the assessment and the customer’s requirement to report on the results of the assessment. If the response does not meet the criteria during the review, a request for correction or further follow-up will be conducted by SupplyShift.

The customer will receive status updates and a final report that includes the final response rate, each supplier’s participation status, number of findings and actions closed and still open.

Advanced package:

Additional services can include creating a performance report for each supplier and a detailed end-of project final analysis of trends (best practices and opportunities for continued improvement) identified during the review. SupplyShift works with you to develop the content for the supplier performance report (e.g., assessment score, areas for improvement) and define the process for review, approval, and distribution to suppliers.


If an assessment is multi-tier, SupplyShift will review the assessment and record the issues identified. Currently, we do not offer adding corrections or creating scorecards for sub-tier suppliers’ assessments

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