The Sustainable CMO White Paper

How sustainability is changing the role of the CMO


Learn how marketing leaders can deliver on sustainability
to drive brand authenticity, build consumer trust, and
achieve competetive advantage.


Discover a simple and seamless way to gather and organize your supply chain intelligence.



Intelligence built around your business

Gather the intelligence that matters to you and your company. Create a supplier network that truly aligns with your values.



Take a deeper look

Get visibility into every tier of your supply network to understand the true origins and impacts of your products and manage risk in a seamless way.



Shared intelligence

Empower suppliers to improve through shared information and help build a supply chain that thrives in every way.

Don't just gather intelligence, act on it

In the past, companies spent thousands of hours manually gathering and analyzing supplier data to make sure their business partners were complying with their corporate values and regulations.

They spent their time organizing data when they should be acting on it.


SupplyShift provides a responsive platform to seamlessly gather and analyze your supplier network.

With an intuitive interface, you can create dashboards with just a few clicks, so you can quickly make business decisions and solve supply chain problems.


“SupplyShift has a fundamental understanding of our goals and mission and provides an innovative cloud-based platform to guide us and our members in the future.”