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Empowering Transparent & Responsible Supply Chains

Navigate complex global supply chains and evolving regulations with ease. Enhance visibility, collaborate with suppliers to drive improvement, and gain quick access to data, enabling you to make decisions that champion sustainable procurement.

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Why SupplyShift?

Discover how SupplyShift can empower you to tackle your environmental, social, and governance challenges head-on.

Solve Your Unique
ESG Challenges

Tackle your environmental, social, and governance concerns with solutions tailored to your needs, including specific industry, geography, and supply chain complexity.

Engage Your Suppliers

Turn your suppliers into strategic sustainability partners. Take advantage of our deep insights into the supplier perspective for effective collaboration, emissions tracking, risk identification, and performance enhancement. Get set up to collaborate with your suppliers in as little as two hours.

Unlock The Power
Of N-Tier Visibility

Know what’s happening in every tier of your supply chain using one centralized database. Get access to the real information you need, aided by suppliers’ ability to re-share the data they provide.

Leverage Your Existing Data

Gain a more complete and holistic view of your supply chain through seamless integration with your current data sources, such as ERP and other platforms.

Transform Insights Into Action

Make informed decisions that yield tangible results and elevate your sustainability performance. Leverage data-driven insights not just to optimize your sustainability programs, but to drive measurable progress toward your goals.

Put Yourself in the Driver’s Seat and Experience the Transformative Power of SupplyShift Firsthand

Witness how our platform can revolutionize your supply chain sustainability journey.

Explore Our Customer Success Stories

Discover how Simple Mills leverages SupplyShift to amplify visibility in its value chain and pinpoint key areas vital to advancing its regenerative agriculture strategy.

“Our partnership with SupplyShift helps us move towards our mission of “all products sustainable” by enabling data exchange between supply chain actors. Retailers and suppliers acting on their insights from THESIS drives the positive impact we strive for.”

Dr. Christy Slay

Chief Executive, The Sustainability Consortium

A Trusted partner To Industry Leaders

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The Essential Guide to Supplier Data for ISSB IFRS S2 Reporting Requirements

Navigating the new standards of sustainability reporting is crucial for businesses committed to climate responsibility. In June 2023, the International Sustainability Standards Board (ISSB) introduced a pivotal standard—IFRS S2, focusing specifically on climate-related disclosures. Purpose of This Guidebook Our guide is designed as a comprehensive resource to help companies effectively engage...

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Rethinking Indirect Spend for a Greener Tomorrow

Indirect Spend Sustainability focuses on reducing the environmental, social, and economic impact of a company’s indirect spend activities, including logistics, office supplies, utilities, facilities management, IT, professional services, travel, and marketing....

Beginning with Scope 3

As the world intensifies its journey toward a more sustainable and environmentally conscious future, businesses play an increasingly critical role in this transition. Effectively calculating and reducing Scope 3 Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions emerges as a key...

Speaking Procurement’s Language

As a sustainability professional, do you find engaging your procurement teams in sustainability initiatives to be challenging? With procurement professionals managing a significant portion of company revenue, they play a crucial role in supply chain sustainability....


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