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EUDR Compliance, Simplified

Navigating the path to deforestation-free supply chains

Set to enforce in January 2025, the European Union’s Deforestation Regulation (EUDR) mandates stringent, deforestation-free supply chains. With many companies unsure if their products comply, it’s crucial to start preparing now. The stakes couldn’t be higher: non-compliance means being barred from selling goods within the EU. SupplyShift delivers a streamlined solution to ensure your business meets EUDR requirements with confidence.

What You Need to Know About EUDR

The EU Deforestation Regulation imposes strict requirements for companies to ensure their products do not contribute to deforestation. The law covers seven key commodities: soy, palm, cocoa, coffee, beef, rubber, and wood – but it extends beyond these raw forms to include certain processed products, such as chocolate and tires.

Meet EUDR Reporting Requirements

The EUDR requires robust systems for data collection and management, as it mandates detailed information.

Companies must take the following steps:

  • Collect precise data that identifies the geographic origin of covered commodities.
  • Assess the risk of deforestation impact related to their products.
  • If there is a risk, demonstrate that they have mitigated the risk until it is negligible.
  • Complete detailed reporting on all covered goods.

Simplify the Journey to EUDR Compliance

Explore our solution to unravel the challenges of EUDR and get the data you need to comply. SupplyShift provides a two-step process for companies to identify deforestation risks and get the information you need to comply. The data you collect will also serve to inform your Scope 3 accounting for FLAG (Forest, Land, and Agriculture) emissions and track deforestation-free targets.


Efficiently collect and manage geographical data of commodities’ origins to meet compliance obligations for EUDR.


Evaluate the deforestation impact in your supply chain based on origins, certifications, and recyclability, to understand where you can source from and continue to import to the EU.


Request plot-level data from suppliers, to get the data you need for compliance reporting, for each product and batch you purchase.

EUDR Compliance, Customized to Your Business

SupplyShift’s EUDR Solution offers comprehensive data and reporting across the entire value chain. Our platform helps you navigate the complexities of data collection and management by streamlining the process, ensuring accuracy and compliance-readiness


Conduct thorough assessments of your supply chain to identify and mitigate deforestation risks effectively.


Choose from a range of pre-built supplier assessments, or customize an assessment aligned to guidance published by the Accountability Framework


Track certified and recycled materials – for products and packaging – designed for EUDR compliance.

Recommended Assessments for EUDR


We suggest you pick from these:

The Rainforest Alliance Responsible Soy, Paper, & Wood Assessments

The Rainforest Alliance has developed ethical sourcing assessments to drive sustainability progress in soy, paper, and wood-based products.

Certified Palm Oil Data Tracking Tool

Aligned with RSPO’s Annual Communication of Progress (ACOP) Guidelines. Track volumes and documentation of certified palm oil in your supply chain to make reporting easy.

Man-Made Cellulosic Fibers Forest Risk Assessment (MMCF)

The Man-Made Cellulosic Fibers (MMCF) Deforestation and Forest Degradation Risk Assessment enables companies to track their progress on eliminating viscose sourcing from ancient and endangered…

But you may also want to consider these:

Facility Mapping Assessment

Quickly map your supply chain, incorporate any information requests at any tier, and drive supplier responsibility progress.

Sugar Mapping Tool

Developed in collaboration with Bonsucro, the global sustainability platform for sugarcane. Map and assess all sources of sugar and its derivatives, including non-certified supply chains…

Learn More About EUDR

Explore our resources to unravel the intricacies of EUDR and better understand its reporting obligations, key focus areas, and essential timelines.

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Start your journey with SupplyShift’s EUDR Solution. Discover how we can help you navigate your unique ESG challenges, ensure compliance, and enhance sustainability performance across your supply chain.