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Resources to help you learn and navigate your supply chain through the challenges posed by COVID-19.

COVID-19 is impacting global business on a truly unprecedented scale. As health precautions and shelter-in-place mandates continue to impact supplier operations, companies must react quickly to mitigate risks and secure their supply chains against disruption.


SupplyShift and its partners have collected these resources to help you plan and execute your COVID-19 supply chain response strategy. See what the world’s leading advisory firms are recommending and browse tools you can implement to quickly mitigate your supply chain’s COVID-19 risk exposure and start out on the road to recovery.


Planning your response strategy

Planning your response strategy

The effects COVID-19 will have on the supply chain may not be fully understood for months. Companies should be enacting emergency response plans now while planning against continuity risks into the future. See the response strategies being recommended by McKinsey, Gartner, and Deloitte.


McKinsey: Supply-chain recovery in coronavirus times

—plan for now and the future


Gartner: Coronavirus: How to Secure Your Supply Chain


Deloitte: COVID-19: Managing supply chain risk and disruption

COVID-19 Impact Assessment

COVID-19 Impact Assessment

A no cost, rapid response assessment to map your supply chain and quantify COVID-19 risk.


Supply chain transparency is a critical first step to securing your supply chain against disruption. To help businesses quickly mitigate the impacts COVID-19 is having on the supply chain, we’re offering a COVID-19 Impact Assessment at no cost.


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Maplecroft: COVID-19 Case Trajectories and Country Response Trajectory

Maplecroft: COVID-19 Case Trajectories and Country Response Trajectory

Our partners at Verisk Maplecroft have created a daily updating chart displaying country-level case trends and the proportion of reported deaths relative to reported cases since late-January. They have has also added COVID-19 trajectory data to their available risk indices.


Click here to view Maplecroft’s COVID-19 resources.

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