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Supplier ESG Assessment

A social, environmental and business ethics performance assessment for your suppliers. Raise awareness, understand supplier risks, and continually improve conditions in your supply chain.

Drive sustainability performance

The Supplier ESG Assessment helps you get started on your journey towards understanding social, environmental, and business ethics practices throughout your supply chain.

Based on responsible supply chain engagement strategies at leading global businesses, the Supplier ESG Assessment’s proven indicator set helps you quickly measure supplier performance and identify your biggest opportunities to drive supplier improvement.


Assessment content already designed and ready to be sent. Simply load your suppliers and start assessing.


Based on a review of best-practices for measuring supplier ESG performance and identifying areas for continuous improvement.


Social, environmental, and governance data populates dashboards in real-time to instantly provide insights into your supply chain.

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SupplyShift Standard Assessments help you quickly create visibility, access supplier intelligence, and accelerate progress toward your goals.

With the Supplier ESG Assessment, you’ll be able to…

  • Discover new insights into your suppliers’ social, environmental, and ethical business practices
  • Identify your suppliers strengths and understand where to focus your efforts to encourage change
  • Share valuable supplier information with internal and external stakeholders
  • Easily expand your program to layer additional information needs alongside the Supplier ESG Assessment

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