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Product Carbon Footprint Assessment

Navigating the complexities of Scope 3 reporting? Transition from rudimentary spend-based emissions factors to value-driven strategies for actionable change using the Product Carbon Footprint Assessment– designed to engage your suppliers for product-level carbon footprint insights.

Redefining Supplier Engagement on Scope 3

SupplyShift unveils the Product Carbon Footprint Assessment. Aligned with the World Business Council for Sustainability Development’s Pathfinder Framework, this tool not only gathers comprehensive carbon footprint data for any product, but also provides critical insights into data quality, methodology, and verification standards.

What You’ll Achieve:

As companies look to meet ambitious Scope 3 greenhouse gas targets, obtaining precise Product Carbon Footprint (PCF) data from suppliers is becoming a critical part of reporting and reduction strategies. However, gathering product-level data is complex, and both buyers and suppliers need an easy solution to report, track and collaborate.

Recognizing that some of your suppliers are just beginning to calculate their PCFs, we provide automated improvement recommendations. Our joining with Sphera now also provides access to expansive LCA databases, tools, and support, helping you and suppliers efficiently calculate PCFs.


The Product Carbon Footprint Assessment is pre-configured and ready to send. Simply load suppliers and start collecting data.


Match product codes to your existing systems to ensure the flow of data is seamless and secure.


Critical control points help you validate data quality, ensuring reliability in your external reporting.

Streamline Assessment
& Reporting With Comprehensive
Ready-to-Use Tools

Simplify your supply chain assessment process with our user-friendly, pre-built evaluation tools. SupplyShift’s Standard Assessments are specifically designed to offer a streamlined approach to measuring, monitoring, and enhancing supplier performance. Save time and resources by leveraging our comprehensive assessment tools, while simultaneously driving sustainability and ensuring compliance.

Take the Next Step in Your Carbon Emissions Journey

With the SupplyShift’s Product Carbon Footprint Assessment, you’ll be able to…

  • Move from spend based estimates to supplier-reported PCFs.
  • Efficiently collect and manage PCFs from a multitude of suppliers, handling high-volume data with ease.
  • Automatically score data quality of reported PCFs.
  • Gather supporting documentation and verification details.
  • Assist suppliers in their PCF calculation journey with recommendations, tools, and resources.
  • Seamlessly match supplier PCFs to your existing product codes.
  • Access dynamic dashboards for comprehensive insights into your suppliers’ responses.
  • Foster deeper supplier engagement to drive improvement on emissions-related practices.

Fill out the form to learn more about the Product Carbon Footprint Assessment, or contact us here if you have a more specific question.

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