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Farm Sustainability Assessment

Developed by the Sustainable Agriculture Initiative Platform (SAI Platform) the Farm Sustainability Assessment (FSA) helps companies measure environmental, economic, and social sustainability metrics at the farm level.

Sustainability improvement
Sustainability improvement

Assess, benchmark, and drive on-farm economic, social, and environmental sustainability performance.


Assessment developed by SAI Platform, a global food and drink value chain initiative for sustainable agriculture.


Assessment content already designed for multiple farm sustainability requirements and ready for use.

Actionable insights for sustainable agriculture

Actionable insights for sustainable agriculture

The FSA offers a comprehensive set of questions developed by food value chain partners to define sustainable agriculture practices. Aiming to simplify and standardize sustainable agriculture definitions and goals, FSA offers a streamlined methodology to measure and improve on-farm sustainability progress.


The FSA can be used by individual farmers or farmer groups to assess and benchmark environmental, economic, and social sustainability at the farm level. Within the SupplyShift platform, FSA users gain more efficiency, seamless analysis, and the ability to combine on-farm data with other supply chain sustainability data.

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With the Farm Sustainability Assessment, you’ll be able to…


  • Leverage FSA content in a user-friendly platform
  • Benchmark your existing sustainability programs and certifications
  • Assess and benchmark on-farm environmental, economic, and social sustainability performance
  • Identify strengths and weakness to focus your on-farm sustainability efforts
  • Use FSA as a stand-alone self-assessment and verification tool, or deploy to a group of farmers

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