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THESIS for Retailers

The Sustainability Insight System (THESIS), created by The Sustainability Consortium (TSC) and powered by SupplyShift, is a science-based performance management system helping retailers transform the consumer goods industry to deliver more sustainable consumer products.

Innovative tools for sustainable retail

Consumer goods retailers use THESIS to understand and act on the sustainability performance ​of the wide range of products they purchase and sell.​ Retailers using THESIS can:​

  Improve supplier sustainability performance

  Get the right data to track progress on goals

  Benchmark private label vs. national brands

  Identify product sustainability hotspots

  Improve relationships with suppliers

  Amplify their sustainability stories


Leverage TSC’s science-based assessments to measure the sustainability performance of your products, private label and branded, and easily identify hotspots.


Measure sustainability KPIs across 115 different consumer goods categories and 90% of consumer goods supply chains, covering every product category on your shelf.


Take action on your data and empower your suppliers to improve. Suppliers get instant feedback, peer-benchmarking, score-reports, and tailored action recommendations.

The Network for Consumer Product Sustainability

Retailers like Walmart, Sam’s Club, Walgreens, Kroger, and Sprouts use THESIS to engage, understand, and improve supplier sustainability performance. With over 1,700 reporting brands and nearly $1 trillion in annual sales represented in 2020, THESIS is the largest network for consumer product sustainability.

Our partnership with SupplyShift helps us move towards our mission of “all products sustainable” by enabling data exchange between supply chain actors. Retailers and suppliers acting on their insights from THESIS drives the positive impact we strive for.

Dr. Christy Slay

Chief Executive, The Sustainability Consortium

Participating Retailers

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Learn more about THESIS on SupplyShift.

THESIS is a cloud-based platform for unrivaled transparency into the sustainability performance of your supply chain.

With THESIS on SupplyShift, you’ll be able to… 

  • Leverage TSC’s science-based assessments to measure supplier sustainability performance
  • Access an ‘out of the box’ sustainability program for every product category
  • Add value for suppliers with instant feedback, peer-benchmarking, score-reports, and action recommendations
  • Join a motivated and collaborative network of companies working to drive sustainability performance across supply chains

Fill out the form to learn more about THESIS on SupplyShift, or contact us here if you have a more specific question.

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