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Rethinking Indirect Spend for a Greener Tomorrow

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Indirect Spend Sustainability focuses on reducing the environmental, social, and economic impact of a company’s indirect spend activities, including logistics, office supplies, utilities, facilities management, IT, professional services, travel, and marketing.

Traditionally, companies have concentrated their sustainability efforts on direct spend suppliers. However, recognizing the materiality of indirect spend sustainability, particularly for service-oriented firms, has become increasingly important. Upcoming EU legislation will require companies to cover their entire supply chain, further emphasizing the need for indirect spend sustainability.

This guide is based on the information discussed in the “Indirect Spend and GNFR Sustainability” session of The Shift 23, a series of 1-hour virtual sessions by SupplyShift that were held throughout February 2023 and designed to ease the burden of achieving sustainability in your supply chain. Our panelists for that session included sustainability leaders from across the industry. Throughout the discussion, we also welcomed input from our live audience, ensuring a wide range of perspectives and experiences were considered

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