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Tackling Deforestation in Supply Chains: Data, Technology & Collaboration


Deforestation is a major driver of social and ecological issues, from biodiversity loss and soil degradation to climate change and impacts on indigenous populations. While corporate focus is increasing on the issue, real progress is lagging, by and large due to supply chain complexity and an overall lack of visibility into risk-prone areas. How can businesses identify and address deforestation risk deep in the supply chain?   Watch this recorded webinar, featuring sustainability leaders from Satelligence, Canopy Planet, SupplyShift, AAK and Mondelēz as they discuss the challenges businesses face when addressing deforestation in supply chains today. Hear about the strategies companies are using to identify deforestation hotspots in supply chains and what they are doing to remedy issues. Learn how technology is enabling new levels of visibility into deforestation-prone areas to help supply chain partners collaborate toward a deforestation-free future.  
  • Casey Brennan – Senior Corporate Campaigner, Canopy Planet
  • Amanda Carr – Director of Strategic Initiatives, Canopy Planet
  • Alan Kroeger – Head of Supply Chains & Climate Solutions, Satelligence
  • Jonathan Escolar – Global Sustainability Programme Manager, AAK
  • Cédric van Cutsem, Director of Cocoa Life Program, Mondelēz
  • Lauren Newton – Sustainability Solution Advisor, SupplyShift
  • Carin Ivarsson – Partner Business Development, SupplyShift
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