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Pathways to Responsible Palm Oil


As the most efficient and widely used vegetable oil on the planet, palm oil offers a range of benefits to companies using it to produce goods. Palm is a highly productive, affordable, and versatile crop, but it is also a major driver of issues like deforestation, habitat destruction, greenhouse gas emissions, and labor exploitation. How can companies continue to leverage the benefits of palm while reducing the impacts it has on our planet, its habitats, and people?


Join Kroger, RSPO, Earthworm, and SupplyShift as we explore today’s challenges and potential solutions in palm oil supply chains. Learn how certification schemes, deep supplier engagement, and technology can work in tandem to drive meaningful improvement in the palm sector.



Lisa Zwack, Head of Sustainability, Kroger

Rachel Baker, Member Manager, Earthworm Foundation

Cameron Plese, US Representative, RSPO

Jamie Barsimantov, COO, SupplyShift

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