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Greenhouse Gas Emissions: Tackling Your Scope 3 Challenges


Consumers, regulators, and investors care more about climate issues than ever before, and the pressure on businesses to mitigate their climate impact will only keep increasing. To address this, and help push the world towards its net-zero goals, it is crucial that companies start prioritizing Scope 3 emissions in their supply chains.

Supply chains account for 50-90% of a company’s environmental footprint, but for many businesses this is the most challenging area for driving decarbonization.

Join experts from SupplyShift, The Sustainability Consortium and Sustainia to learn how you can work with your supply chain, to identify opportunities for supplier engagement, and how to drive progress on net-zero ambitions throughout your supply chain.

Key Takeaways:

  • Drivers for supply chain sustainability
  • Current legislation / frameworks / recommendations
  • How to get insights into your supply chain’s emissions
  • Best practice examples
  • Making a win-win-win with supply chain transparency technology


  • Moderator: Carin Ivarsson – SupplyShift
  • Anders Quitzau – Sustainia
  • Lauren Newton – SupplyShift
  • Willem Ruster – The Sustainability Consortium
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