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Addressing Human Rights Risks in Corporate Supply Chains


Over 1.1 million people in the United States are estimated to be living in Modern Slavery — and that’s only 2.2% of the global total.

Addressing human rights risks in global supply chains is a critical responsibility for organizations today. Uncovering and managing these risks goes beyond immediate operations and extends to every supplier, partner, and stakeholder involved in the value chain. With an evolving global regulatory landscape, the need to identify and mitigate human rights risks is not only a moral obligation but also a business imperative.

In this 1-hour webinar, SupplyShift’s Sustainability Solutions Advisor, Indrani De Silva, is joined by experts from Impact Advocates APC and our partner Edge Impact, as they delve into the challenges and best practices of addressing human rights risks in supply chains.

Key takeaways from the discussion include:

  • The role of technology in risk management and the importance of data quality
  • How to meaningfully quantify social impact
  • Lessons from compliance approaches to the Modern Slavery Act and UFLPA
  • The role of supply chain mapping in risk identification
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