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Actionable Intelligence: Combining Data and Tools to Enhance Supply Chain Visibility


Access to data is no longer the challenge to businesses that it once was. Instead, supply chain managers are asking:


“Now what?” The next hurdle is to integrate this data into a systematic framework to guide the next steps in the risk management process.


Given the plethora of open and closed sources of data that are available, the first challenge for companies integrating data is making sure they have the best or most appropriate information for their business’ strategic aims. Their second challenge is the exploding sophistication of tools available to filter the data and gain valuable insight.


Is there a magic combination that can easily assess the hundreds of risks multinationals with complex supply chains now face?


Our panel will deliver their latest insights on how companies can blend different data streams to proactively identify, quantify and mitigate a wide range of supplier risks across complex global supply chains, and build a coherent picture of where they need to take action or adjust their strategy.




  • Jamie Barsimantov- COO, SupplyShift
  • Erin McVeigh – Head of Products and Strategic Alliances, Verisk Maplecroft
  • Stefan Sabo-Walsh- Head of Value Chains, Verisk Maplecroft
  • Steven Wuerth- Associate Director of Procurement, Gilead Sciences

Hosted by Innovation Forum

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