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Customer Success Study: Earthworm Foundation

Success Stories

Earthworm uses SupplyShift to drive responsible palm oil engagement.

Palm oil is in almost everything. It’s efficient, affordable, and highly productive, but its widespread use contributes to a range of social and environmental sustainability issues. As the risks associated with palm oil become more widely recognized, companies are working hard to transform sourcing practices and reduce the negative impacts it has on communities, the environment, and natural habitats.


Earthworm Foundation is at the forefront of these efforts, working hand in hand with companies to apply data and engage suppliers to make palm oil work better for people and planet. Their Engagement for Policy Implementation (EPI) program, powered by SupplyShift, plays an integral role in supporting companies toward their goal of responsible palm oil supply chains.


Download the customer success story. Learn how SupplyShift helps Earthworm and their member companies:


  • Centralize supplier data on responsible palm production
  • Quantify and visualize supplier progress
  • Zero-in on high impact supplier engagement opportunities
  • Create a dialogue between buyers and suppliers to create a more responsible palm oil market
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