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Customer Success Story: Simple Mills

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Simple Mills Uses SupplyShift to Support Its Regeneration Mission!


Since its founding in 2012, Simple Mills has been on a mission to enrich lives and bodies through simple, delicious, whole foods. Along the way, the company has learned that a diverse and nutrient-dense diet doesn’t just contribute to a healthier lifestyle, it can also help create a healthier planet. 


How and where our food is grown can have a big impact on the environment. As a food company, Simple Mills knows that agriculture represents the biggest opportunity to create a positive impact – and that’s why the brand is seeking out more diverse ingredients and partnering with farmers and suppliers to advance the adoption of regenerative principles and leave the land in better shape for future generations.


From developing co-created technical assistance to embedding financial incentives for adoption, supplier feedback plays a key role throughout the process.


“SupplyShift’s sophisticated capabilities are allowing Simple Mills to gather complex, unique information from a wide range of suppliers and ensure that data is applicable across cropping systems and geographic regions,” Welsh said. “This functionality is key to scaling our supplier engagement and transparency work in the future.”


Download the customer success story to learn how SupplyShift helps Simple Mills:


  • Increase transparency in value chains
  • Establish necessary baselines
  • Identify themes critical to advancing Simple Mills regenerative agriculture strategy
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