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Customer Success Story: Lush

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Lush uses SupplyShift to support its regeneration mission.


Nearly 80% of a product’s environmental impact happens in the design phase. For the cosmetics industry, creating sustainable products that align with the circular economy and meet consumers’ increasing demands for transparency is a real challenge. Luckily for Lush, transparency has been embedded into their business from the very beginning. Lush has always been devoted to creating ethically-sourced, cruelty-free and low-waste cosmetics and is passionate about understanding the sustainability impact of its entire supply chain.


But now Lush is looking to go beyond sustainability and towards more regenerative solutions, and supply chain transparency is even more critical to that mission. Using SupplyShift, Lush is able to more effectively communicate their ethical buying standards, measure performance, benchmark results, and collaborate with suppliers to improve.


Download the customer success story to learn how SupplyShift helps Lush:


  • Identify supply chain issues within the key areas of their People Care, Earth Care, and Fair Share policies
  • Prompt meaningful dialogue with high-priority suppliers to solve problems and drive impact
  • Gather tangible data to support an authentic sustainability story
  • Create a more positive experience for their suppliers and increase response rates
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