Accelerate Your Scope 3 Supplier Engagement Journey With Launch: Scope 3!

Are you working to ensure that you have a solid Scope 3 strategy based on supplier data and engagement? Gather actionable insight from your suppliers with Launch: Scope 3 to measure Scope 3 impact and drive meaningful reduction in supply GHG emissions

Accelerate Your Scope 3 Supplier Engagement Journey With Launch: Scope 3!
How it Works

Three Easy Steps To Scope 3 Reporting


Seamlessly import suppliers and deploy assessments to suppliers. Track progress and rely on our network to make time to value faster.

Gain Insights
Gain Insights

Quickly measure supplier performance and identify opportunities to drive supplier improvement.

Engage & Report
Engage & Report

Collaborate with your suppliers and easily share valuable supplier information and improvement plans with all stakeholders.

Understand your suppliers' greenhouse gas measurement, disclosure, and reduction targets with Launch: Scope 3.

Help Guide

Help guide your supply chain to net zero with Launch: Scope 3. Raise awareness, track carbon reduction targets, understand your supply chain emissions, and set in motion a process to drive continuous supplier improvement.


GHG Starter Assessment

GHG Starter Assessment

A starter assessment to help you understand your suppliers’ greenhouse gas measurement, disclosure, and reduction targets.


Scope 3 Emissions Calculator

Scope 3 Emissions Calculator

A comprehensive facility-level tool to measure emissions intensity of any supplier manufacturing facility.

GHG Leadership Assessment

GHG Leadership Assessment

A GHG emissions reporting and progress assessment for your suppliers. Understand management practices and reporting of GHGs and actively support your suppliers in reducing emissions and while understanding your climate risk.

What’s Included

Launch: Scope 3

Perfect for companies with fewer suppliers or starting to report on Scope 3.
Up to 50 (Additional tiers available for larger supply chains)
Scope 3 Starter Assessment & 1 of either; Scope 3 Emissions Calculator or GHG Leadership Assessment.
User Licenses
Unlimited (anyone in your organization may use this software)
Up to three training sessions and access to email based support
Add-on Features
  • Document Center
  • Action & Correction Module
  • Geomapping
  • Single Sign on
  • API

Make the shift to Scope 3 reporting.