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Gain Supplier Insights for THESIS and Beyond

Assess your suppliers, gain insight into their sustainability performance, and use their data to complete your THESIS submission – all in one platform.

“THESIS on SupplyShift is the best ‘cookbook’ on the shelf of tools and resources to reach our product and corporate sustainability goals. It enables us to effectively measure and quantify the performance of our wide range of products in a way that we wouldn’t be able to do on our own.”

Art Esposito

Director of Corporate Stewardship, Church & Dwight, THESIS Respondent


Access to TSC-trained consultants and SupplyShift’s expert implementation team.


Assess your suppliers and report to your retail customers in a single platform.


Auto-calculate your THESIS key performance indicator results based on real-time supplier data.


1. SupplyShift subject matter
experts build your assessments

The Sustainability Consortium (TSC) Trained Consultants and SupplyShift’s implementation experts will tailor a solution to your exact needs. Tell us what THESIS Performance Assessments you need to complete, and we’ll design a program that collects all of the data you need from your suppliers to complete them.

2. Collect supplier data and auto-calculate your THESIS response

Use SupplyShift to easily request data from suppliers at any tier of your supply chain. When they respond, all of their data will roll up to calculate your THESIS Performance Assessment KPIs.

3. Gain supply chain

As your suppliers respond, you’ll get a real-time view into their performance across multiple sustainability categories. See leaders and laggers in your supply chain, and identify opportunities do improve supplier performance while increasing your THESIS scores.

4. Share your data with
your retail customers

Once you’ve finished collecting data, simply verify and plug your KPI responses into THESIS. Share them with your retailers to complete your THESIS reporting for the year.

“We’ve always found SupplyShift to be both quick to respond to any questions and attentive to feedback. Definitely a positive and forward-thinking organization, delivering an easy-to-use tool for sustainability metrics tracking.”

Sheila Lee

Sr. Director, Business Operations, Dole Fresh Vegetables, THESIS Respondent


Optimize Your Sustainability Performance Assessment Process

Providing data on your supply chain can be a challenging task. We’ve worked with leading brands to help get them ahead of their reporting requirements and deploy supply chain assessments that deliver results. Whether you’ve been reporting for years or are just starting out, here are some best practices to help prepare for your sustainability…

“Our partnership with SupplyShift takes us a step closer to our vision of full transparency and data exchange along product supply chains.”

Euan Murray

Chief Executive, The Sustainability Consortium

Engage your suppliers,
drive supply chain sustainability

Schedule an intro call to see how SupplyShift can help you:

  • Collect data directly from suppliers to streamline your THESIS response
  • Gain new insight into supplier performance at every level of the supply chain
  • Automatically calculate complex KPIs (e.g. greenhouse gas emissions intensity)
  • Improve your ability to respond to all THESIS Performance Indicators
  • Increase your THESIS scores
  • Improve your reporting relationship with your retail buyers
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