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Accelerate Your Sustainability Journey

THESIS is a science-based platform that helps you comprehensively understand the sustainability performance of the products you sell. Gain the insight you need to identify your hotspots, improve your supply chain, and share your sustainability story with your buyers – all for just $699.00 a year.

Access assessments that make sense to you

You’ve responded to hundreds of self-assessment questionnaires in the past. How often have you been confused about what your customer is asking? And how often has the process been valuable to you?

THESIS lets you choose your Performance Assessments based on the products you actually sell, so you won’t have to guess what data you need to provide and what it corresponds to. Every metric is developed by The Sustainability Consortium, using a science-based, stakeholder reviewed process that helps you keep track of what matters most.


Access over 400+ assessments to understand your performance on today’s most pressing sustainability issues, from forced labor and GHG emissions to pollinator health.


Tell your sustainability story and stand out to your retail customers. Map performance assessments to retailers and submit to multiple customers, all in one platform.


Take advantage of resources to help your company improve its performance with tailored Action Recommendations and upstream supplier engagement opportunities.

Share your story to customers with ease

Say goodbye to the excel workbooks you used to report with. THESIS lets you easily compile your data and share it with your customers.

With THESIS, you’ll be able to map each of your products to the retailers you sell them to, which means you only have to fill them out once. And we’ll save your data every year, so you’ll never have to start from scratch again.

“THESIS on SupplyShift is the best ‘cookbook’ on the shelf of tools and resources to reach our product and corporate sustainability goals. It enables us to effectively measure and quantify the performance of our wide range of products in a way that we wouldn’t be able to do on our own.”

Art Esposito

Director of Corporate Stewardship, Church & Dwight,
THESIS Respondent

Know how you rank, understand how to improve

THESIS doesn’t just help you report to your customers more efficiently, it helps you understand what you can do to improve your own sustainability performance.

With every THESIS assessment you submit, you’ll get immediate feedback that shows you where your hotspots are, how to fix them, and how you rank relative to your peers for that category.

Put your insights to work

We built THESIS to help facilitate a prosperous, transparent, and sustainable future for the consumer goods industry, and we know that brands and manufacturers play the most critical role in that transformation.

By using THESIS, you’ll demonstrate to your customers that you’re on the front lines of sustainability innovation. And once you have your product sustainability KPI sets, you’ll have everything you need to start making the changes you want to see in your own supply chain.

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