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Facility Social Audit Screening Tool

Gather social audits and CAPRs in one place to track compliance history, reduce audit fatigue, and drive fair labor practices at supplier facilities.

Track supplier audit history to drive labor compliance

Supplier audits can be costly and taxing on staff resources, but the insights they provide can help you prioritize your engagement efforts on social issues for the greatest impact.

The Facility Social Audit Screening Tool takes advantage of existing information and gives you the benefits of third-party audits without actually having to conduct them. Save budget and bandwidth by collecting mutually recognized supplier facility audits in one place, so you can quickly identify existing non-compliances and understand the social risk exposure of your supply chain. This is the next generation way to start your human rights due diligence program, with all the next steps available on SupplyShift.


Tool is pre-configured for seamless audit result sharing. Simply load your suppliers and start collecting historical reports.


Access results from widely-accepted audit protocols to quickly understand supplier compliance.


Historical audit reports provide real-time compliance insights for decision-makers.

Get Started.

Register for the Facility Social Audit Screening Tool to…

  • Quickly determine social-labor audit history at supplier facilities
  • Collect mutually recognized social audit reports
  • Spot existing areas of non-compliance
  • Reduce audit costs and fatigue by evaluating historical audit results
  • Leverage data to create a roadmap for improving supplier labor performance

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