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“All-in” on Responsible Sourcing

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For companies large and small, CSR is now baked into the organizational DNA. Consumers demand transparency, responsible sourcing, and sustainable business practices throughout the product lifecycle — from the type of fertilizer used to grow the coffee to the recyclable cup in which it’s served. And as regulators raise the bar on reporting requirements, investors are developing their own metrics that reward businesses whose responsible sourcing pledges translate into profitability.


The only way to exceed consumer and regulatory demands while keeping investors happy is by harnessing a business-wide commitment to responsible sourcing. Every department must understand that responsible business practices are not only the “right thing to do,” but are the best strategy for long-term growth and profitability. It starts with unwavering buy-in from the CEO and extends to every member of the C-suite, not only the chief sustainability officer, but also top-tier leadership in procurement, risk management, marketing and more.


Download the ‘All-in’ on Responsible Sourcing white paper to learn:


  • How key departments in your organization can leverage supply chain data to increase their effectiveness
  • How investors and consumers are rewarding companies that integrate responsible sourcing efforts across their entire business
  • What industry-leading research is saying about the state of cross-functional supply chain data today
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