Upstream Data Collection Program

The Sustainability Consortium (TSC) is collaborating with SupplyShift to offer a streamlined solution for product sustainability and THESIS Index reporting.


Collect data from upstream suppliers, auto-calculate key performance indicator responses based on supplier inputs, and gain insight into the sustainability performance of your supply chain. Improve the quality of your response to THESIS Index while creating valuable supply chain intelligence.

Engage Your Supply Chain, Improve Your Response

Streamline your data collection and key performance indicator response process

Leverage Science-Based Expertise

Leverage Science-Based Expertise

Work with TSC-trained consultants and SupplyShift’s expert implementation team to ensure successful outcomes. Deploy assessments specifically designed to deliver your THESIS key performance indicators based on your own unique supply chain.

Engage with Upstream Suppliers

Engage with Upstream Suppliers

Assess your suppliers and report to your retail customers in a single platform. Improve the quality of your THESIS Index response while creating new levels of transparency into your products and supply chain.

Automate Your KPI Calculations

Automate Your KPI Calculations

Auto-calculate your THESIS key performance indicator results based on real-time supplier data. Eliminate manual analysis to focus on what’s important—improving your sustainability performance and demonstrating progress to your customers.

“SupplyShift enabled Scope 3 reporting in a major way.

It made our data usable and actionable post-survey.”




Roian Atwood, Director of Sustainability

Roian Atwood, Director of Sustainability

How it works

The Sustainability Consortium and SupplyShift collaborate to distill THESIS key performance indicators into upstream assessments that are more digestible for suppliers.

By breaking the existing science into questions that suppliers understand, companies can increase response rates, improve data quality, and respond more comprehensively to THESIS Index.

You tell us which products you need to respond for, and we build you
a solution to calculate your THESIS key performance indicators using real-time supplier data.

<b>How it works</b>

Go beyond your reporting requirement

Create new levels of visibility into your supply chain and respond more completely to THESIS Index.

Upstream data collection program includes:

 Smart assessments aligned with THESIS product categories and key performance indicators

 Multi-tier data collection and supplier mapping

 Automated and pre-built key performance indicator dashboards with real-time updating

 Ability to combine THESIS assessments with any other sustainability topic

 Support from SupplyShift’s implementation team to help you along the way

<b>Go beyond your reporting requirement</b>


Case Study: Wrangler Optimizes Sustainability Index Reporting


Wrangler has used SupplyShift to complete their Sustainability Index (now known as THESIS Index) reporting since 2017. Download the case study to see how the upstream data collection program works in practice.


Read the Wrangler Customer Success story to learn how Wrangler:


  • Achieved an 88% response rate across 115 global facilities in 4 weeks


  • Completed their key performance indicator reporting on 90% of production volume without manually analyzing data


  • Translated TSC metrics into supplier assessments that deliver results



Case Study: Wrangler Optimizes Sustainability Index Reporting

For more information on how to complete your THESIS key performance indicators with upstream data, reach out to connect with us.