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Create new levels of visibility, understand your supplier risks, and make better buying decisions — all in one platform.

The Power of SupplyShift

Responsible procurement made simple.
Enhanced Visibility
Enhanced Visibility

Understand supplier risk and responsibility performance at any tier of the supply chain.

Actionable Insights
Actionable Insights

Turn data into action to improve purchasing decisions and advance company goals.

Seamless Integration
Seamless Integration

Combine your cost, quality, risk, and self-assessment data for a full view of your supplier network.

Identify risk, improve performance

Identify risk, improve performance

Social and environmental responsibility now rivals cost and quality as a key purchasing metric. And most supplier risks are found deep in the supply chain. By elevating supplier responsibility practices as a purchasing metric, procurement professionals have a great opportunity to lead their business to a more profitable and responsible future.


SupplyShift helps procurement leaders get the insights they need to drive responsibility performance throughout their supply chain.

Leading companies are making commitments on their most material issues, integrating sustainability throughout their whole procurement lifecycles, and actively leading in the global collaborations that are improving global supply chains.

Tara Norton

Managing Director

‘All-in’ on Responsible Sourcing

‘All-in’ on Responsible Sourcing

For companies large and small, CSR is now baked into the organizational DNA. Consumers demand transparency, responsible sourcing, and sustainable business practices throughout the product lifecycle — from the type of fertilizer used to grow the coffee to the recyclable cup in which it’s served. And as regulators raise the bar on reporting requirements, investors are developing their own metrics that reward businesses whose responsible sourcing pledges translate into profitability.

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