Supply Chain Visibility and COVID-19 Impact Assessment

In response to COVID-19’s impact on global business and to help companies create lasting visibility, SupplyShift is offering this mapping assessment at no cost.


Map out your extended supply chain and assess the impacts of COVID-19 on your business.


Find out how your suppliers (and their suppliers) are being affected by COVID-19.

Map your supply chain
Map your supply chain

Trace suppliers through the supply chain to create transparency beyond tier-one.

Mitigate future risks
Mitigate future risks

Monitor COVID-19 hotspots in your supply chain to minimize future disruptions.

Enhance supply chain visibility to measure COVID-19's impact

Enhance supply chain visibility to measure COVID-19's impact

COVID-19 has highlighted the need for businesses to have complete visibility into the supply chain. Without knowing where suppliers are beyond tier-one, companies can’t properly predict or react to supply chain disruptions, whether from widespread health issues, severe weather, political unrest, or sustainability issues.


SupplyShift’s platform is purpose-built for supply chain traceability and transparency. Using our platform, you can achieve full visibility of your supply chain, which enables you to mitigate risk and open opportunities for supplier engagement in any other issue.

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As the global economy slows from the widespread effects of COVID-19, we want to help businesses increase their ability to be proactive about current and future supply chain disruptions through enhanced supply chain visibility. Register for the free mapping program today.


By leveraging the COVID-19 Impact Assessment, SupplyShift will help you…


  • Trace your suppliers to achieve visibility beyond tier-one
  • Engage suppliers to understand the current and future impacts of COVID-19 on your business
  • Track supplier location against geographic COVID-19 risk information to remain proactive
  • Tap into Maplecroft’s Recovery Capacity Index and Moody’s Analytics Coronavirus Pulse news sentiment tool
  • Lay a foundation of supply chain transparency to benefit all of your supply chain teams

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