SISC Metric Calculator for Aggregators

A platform for brands, retailers, handlers, and grower groups to measure and improve sustainability performance across specialty crop supply chains

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The SISC Metric Calculator for Aggregators on SupplyShift allows you to:


  • Track on-farm sustainability performance across all of your specialty crop growers and suppliers
  • Easily connect with growers directly to gather and share sustainability info
  • Create a stewardship baseline for your supply chains by region and crop type
  • Support growers with regional benchmarking to encourage improvements
  • Aggregate & analyze sustainability metric results to support targeted supplier improvement
  • Back up your company and supply chain sustainability stories with data
  • Combine other data feeds to create a comprehensive view of sustainability performance
  • Take advantage of additional tools in SupplyShift to map your supply chain to the source
The SISC Stewardship Calculator is available for sign-ups now. Send us some basic contact info and we will reach out to start a conversation.