The Sustainability Insight System

The Sustainability Insight System (THESIS), created by The Sustainability Consortium (TSC) and powered by SupplyShift, is a science-based performance management system bringing retailers and suppliers together to improve product sustainability and solve the most pressing environmental and social issues in consumer goods supply chains.


Equip your team to respond more completely to your retail customers, develop insights about the products you sell, and act on sustainability data to drive improvement across your entire supply chain.

For Retailers

THESIS helps retailers amplify product sustainability in their supply chains, private label and branded. Using THESIS, retailers can measure sustainability KPIs across 115 different consumer goods categories and 90% of consumer goods supply chains. THESIS is the only global solution offering data matched to sustainability hotspots for every product category on a retailer’s shelf.


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For Suppliers

THESIS helps suppliers understand and share the sustainability performance of their products. Using THESIS, suppliers can access 400+ assessments, report to multiple retail customers, and get valuable resources on how to improve. With SupplyShift’s upstream data collection, suppliers can also track sustainability in their own supply chains, all in one platform.


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