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Fast Forward Labor Standards Improvement

Engage, assess, and remedy social compliance in your supply chain with Fast Forward, the next-generation labor standards improvement program.

Uncover hidden exploitation

Uncover hidden exploitation

Existing social audits often fail to identify the issues that matter most. As a business, an audit gap can leave you exposed to reputational damage and cause you to miss key opportunities for supplier improvement.


Fast Forward’s forensic audit methodology helps to identify and report indicators of forced labor and hidden worker exploitation, whilst also recognizing good practices within your supply base. And through SupplyShift, you can monitor audit outcomes, view trends and track progress over time.

Collaborate with suppliers and peers to catalyze improvement

Collaborate with suppliers and peers to catalyze improvement

Fast Forward facilitates collaboration. Share reports and data with peer brands and work together to remediate issues, all while reducing audit fatigue and costs. Provide resources and training to suppliers to help them own their compliance journey and continuously improve labor standards.

Go beyond compliance

Go beyond compliance

Engagement on ethical labor shouldn’t be reduced to a task you complete once or twice a year. It should be a continuous process you can use to reduce risks, improve supplier performance, and better your relationships for the good of your business overall.


Fast Forward is more than just an audit protocol, it’s a program that helps you embed transparency into the core of your supplier engagement strategy. Work hand in hand with your suppliers to openly address issues, meet and exceed compliance standards, and make a positive impact in your supply chain.

“The Fast Forward initiative replaces the industry standard audit for our UK supply base to aid identifying and remediating any forms of modern slavery.”

Fast Forward Retailer

“There is no doubt that the Fast Forward audit went into far more detail, highlighting points that will help us become a leader in the field of ethical trading and manufacturing.”

Fast Forward Supplier

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Go beyond compliance with Fast Forward

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  • Perform comprehensive social audits for any supplier or service provider in your supply chain
  • Uncover unseen risks, hidden exploitation, and audit evasion
  • Collaborate with other brands and retailers to promote data sharing and transparency
  • Build insightful reports to help you understand your ethical labor performance
  • Create a roadmap for social compliance throughout your supply chain
  • Empower suppliers to take more ownership of their social compliance journey

… all in one program.


Fast Forward is available to use now for UK-based businesses. Book an intro call to learn more and get started.


If you’re operating outside of the UK, don’t worry! Development is underway to expand Fast Forward into other regions. Get in touch, we’d love to share more information.

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