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Engagement for Policy Implementation (EPI): An Assessment and Engagement Tool for Responsible Palm Oil

Earthworm Foundation and SupplyShift have partnered to offer the Engagement for Policy Implementation (EPI) palm oil assessment— a process for data-driven dialogue with suppliers about their performance in achieving responsible palm oil supply chains. The process is centered around a standardized online survey, with expert review to provide the information you need for targeted feedback, continuous improvement, and accountability.  The SupplyShift platform facilitates the process throughout, allowing you to more efficiently drive policy and practice improvements with your direct suppliers and their supply chains.

Ready to Deploy
Ready to Deploy

Assessment content already designed, adapted for a wide range of direct suppliers, and ready to be sent.


Assessment developed and evaluated by Earthworm Foundation, a global non-profit with decades of experience addressing deforestation and exploitation in commodity supply chains.

Deep Engagement
Deep Engagement

EPI is for more than a survey assessment - it is a process to establish supplier improvement programs through action planning and dialogue informed by assessment results.

Drive positive impact through expert engagement

Drive positive impact through expert engagement

The Engagement for Policy Implementation (EPI) Palm Oil Assessment provides an in-depth review of suppliers’ No Deforestation, No Peat, and No Exploitation (NDPE) policies and implementation activities. EPI gathers information about environmental and social practices in direct suppliers’ global supply chains, including the refinery, mill, and plantation level. The program includes review and follow-up engagement by Earthworm regional experts to improve accuracy of responses and provide an evaluation for each supplier. Earthworm identifies strengths and opportunities for improvement, which guide subsequent dialogue and action planning with suppliers.


Earthworm Foundation is an impact-driven non-profit that works on the ground to create conditions for nature and people to thrive. Partnering with businesses, civil society and governments, it focusses on implementing responsible sourcing commitments in value chains, innovating practical solutions to the social and environmental challenges of production practices, and catalyzing industry-wide chain reactions to help achieve transformation at scale.
For more information about the Earthworm Foundation’s EPI program for palm oil, click here.

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With the Engagement of Policy Implementation Palm Oil Assessment, you’ll be able to…


  • Discover new insights into supplier policies and practices in the palm oil supply chain
  • Build customer and supplier capacity related to environmental and social issues in the palm oil industry
  • Gain deeper visibility into implementation of responsible sourcing policies in your third party supply chain, including creation of supply chain-wide metrics
  • Identify strengths, prioritize suppliers, and understand where to focus your efforts to animate change
  • Clearly communicate your expectations of suppliers regarding responsible sourcing
  • Develop meaningful engagement with your suppliers, facilitating an understanding of challenges and successes in responsible sourcing efforts
  • Establish supplier improvement plans to close gaps in policy and implementation
  • Track continuous improvement and supplier activities over time
  • Demonstrate commitment to positive impact and industry transformation in the palm oil sector

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