CDP Supply Chain Data Import

Host your existing CDP data and enable data-driven insights to support your emissions reduction efforts. Track science-based target setting, policy implementation, and emissions-reduction plans.

No set up required
No set up required

We import your CDP supply chain data and configure initial calculations and dashboards for you. Simply load associated spend/volume or supply categorizations and start gaining insight.

Deep analysis
Deep analysis

Unlimited access to SupplyShift analysis tools. Track supplier progress, allocate emissions, and calculate your company's footprint.

Supplier engagement
Supplier engagement

Collaborate with suppliers to fill information gaps, identify areas for improvement, and create action plans to drive carbon reduction throughout your supply chain.

Turn insight into action

Turn insight into action

CDP operates the largest corporate environmental measurement and disclosure system in the world. The CDP Supply Chain questionnaire uses a standardized set of indicators for companies to understand the environmental performance of their organization and its external supply chain.


SupplyShift offers an affordable CDP Supply Chain data import package to help CDP Supply Chain members make the most of the data they already have. By merging your data into SupplyShift, you’ll access a suite of tools to make that data actionable by helping you calculate your scope 3 footprint, allocating reductions to your goals, engaging with suppliers to further reduce emissions, and more. If you have CDP Supply Chain data that you need to start acting on, we can help you quickly get started.

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SupplyShift helps you quickly create visibility, access supplier intelligence, and accelerate progress toward your goals.


By using the CDP Supply Chain Data Import Package, you’ll be able to…


  • Use powerful analysis tools to make the most of your CDP data
  • Engage suppliers and create action plans to further reduce emissions
  • Allocate supplier emissions reductions to your goals
  • Calculate your scope 3 footprint
  • Merge your data into a single platform for supply chain engagement on any topic

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