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Product Updates

A list of SupplyShift product updates and feature enhancements!



Buyers can get quick ESG insight on their supply chain to get started in figuring out what steps to take next and where to directly engage with suppliers to dig deeper.


Google Sign-In

Users may now connect and use their Google accounts to sign in to SupplyShift to make it easier for them to login and manage their account.


Optimize supplier upload

Added an alert to supplier upload when there are incomplete supplier records being submitted to give an opportunity to the user to correct time – optimizing the user experience and data integrity.


CMRT Upload

Now, suppliers answering an assessment based on the Conflict Minerals Reporting Template (CMRT) can upload their CMRT excel template directly into SupplyShift.

All answers can then be reviewed or changed before being submitted to your buyers.


Filter Supplier by Contact Email

We’ve added an email filter to the Suppliers page so that you can find suppliers by the email of one of your contacts at that company.


Microsoft Sign-in

Sign in to SupplyShift using the same credentials as your Microsoft account to make it easier to log in.


Response/Contact Status Export

We’ve created a new export that includes Supplier Response Status and their Contact information. This update has been one of our most requested features, and enables customers to export to Excel the Response Status of their Suppliers and have Supplier Contact information displayed.

This enables buyers to follow-up via other channels (e.g. direct email) with their suppliers on a response status.


Comparison Export Documentation and Comments Configuration

When exporting a comparison, you can now choose to exclude documents or comments both optional fields for suppliers answering questions in an assessment.

While both are enabled by default, disabling them will allow you to see a more focused view of supplier data, displaying only answers (or scores) without additional metadata.


Email Validation

SupplyShift now recognizes all possible non-conforming email addresses to prevent users from accidentally providing incorrect addresses.

This will improve data quality and increase deliverability of all emails sent by SupplyShift.

These standards are established by RFC, more details can be found here.



Custom Company ID in Comparisons

We’ve added a Company ID to the Comparisons table in the UI and in the xlsx export that can be generated from the export.

Company ID allows users to be able to cross-reference the supplier with the customer’s own ID for the supplier to help them verify it is the correct supplier and map data in SupplyShift to their own systems.


Custom Company ID in Supplier Export

We’ve added supplier’s custom Company IDs to the existing supplier export feature.

The new ID can be found in the second column of the exported excel file.



Sites International Zip Code Support

We’ve updated Sites to support international zip codes (e.g. zip codes that have letters or hyphens).

Previously we only accepted numeric values and this impacted users in specific countries with area codes that go beyond numeric.

Now suppliers in various locations can properly insert their zip code data.


Sites Improvements

We’ve created a new workflow for buyers in collecting data at the Site level.

Buyers can create Sites on behalf of their suppliers and specify which specific Sites they want their suppliers to respond for.

The workflow update enables additional optionality and opportunities for a buyer in their data collection as well as ensure data integrity of the Site data being collected.


Settings Updates

With this release, we’ve added the following updates:

  • Updates to the company profile settings tab.
  • Updates to the terms & conditions and notification settings.

Supplier Updates

With this release, we’ve added the following updates:

  • Added search functionality from filter to table.
  • Updates to our creating/editing products button.

Product Assessments

Product Assessments encapsulate a number of new features that allow buyers to:

  • Ensure data integrity of the Products you are requesting data for. 
  • Add products and groups of products. 
  • Access specific information about products and groups of products.

Buyer Product Table
Buyers can now view a master list of products, including Buyer-created products and products submitted to the buyer from their suppliers. Additionally, Buyers may now easily sort and filter by the products they’re most interested in viewing.

Product Details Pages
Buyers can access and edit a detailed page of product information. These product detail pages are your one-stop shop for all assessment responses containing specific product information that enables quick access to a specific product response.

Adding Products
Buyers have the ability to add and link products to suppliers during the creation process. Custom codes can be assigned to each product.

Send Assessment: Select Products
Buyers can now configure an assessment send to specify which product or products they would like their suppliers to respond for. This can be done by selecting individual products or by selecting a group of products during the send step.

Supplier Response View
The supplier response view shows the products added by the buyer, including product codes if these have been added. This gives the supplier the ability to check or uncheck products that are included in the response!


Supplier Self-Service

Our Supplier Self-Service enhancements encapsulate a number of new features that allow buyers to:

  • Create/Upload individual or multiple Suppliers.
  • Add/Edit unique company IDs for their Suppliers.
  • Add/Edit notes about their Suppliers.
  • Add/Edit/Merge/Copy/Export/ Delete Supplier groups.

Capture & Display Unique IDs Provided By Customers
You can now add and edit unique company IDs.

Add Detailed Notes About Your Suppliers
Provide detailed notes about specific suppliers using our new supplier notes tab feature.

Add/Edit/Merge/Copy/Export/ Delete Supplier Groups
We improved our group’s functionality allowing you to easily add/edit/merge/copy/export/delete supplier groups.

Create/Upload Individual or Multiple Suppliers
Create individual or upload multiple suppliers with our new upload functionality.