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Webinar: IT Ecosystem Project Update with SupplyShift and TSC

Aug 2, 2018 | News

Last week, we co-hosted a webinar with The Sustainability Consortium (TSC) to get into the details of our collaborative undertaking. We’ve been working to bring simplified supply chain KPI reporting solutions to TSC members and beyond – and now we’re rolling out to participants looking to beat their end of year reporting deadlines.

Watch to learn how we’re helping brands streamline supplier data collection into automated KPI dashboards for a wide range of product categories.


Tier 1 suppliers often struggle to answer retailer-facing KPIs that relate to upstream hotspots because it can be difficult to get the right data, in the right format, at the right time. To address this challenge, TSC has begun dis-aggregating select KPIs into underlying data elements to enable improved upstream data collection and downstream data flow.

In conjunction with this effort, TSC kicked off an IT Ecosystem project earlier in the year with a set of software providers that support multi-tier reporting between companies in the consumer goods value chain. The objective of this project is to improve supply chain connectivity and transparency through a “chain of custody” data model. This data model will allow useful, actionable, and consistent sustainability information to more easily reach key decision-makers along the value chain, driving more informed decisions and engagement with suppliers and customers.

Watch or download here.

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