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SupplyShift Expands Suite of Standard Assessments to Enable Efficient Responsible Supply Chain Engagement

Nov 5, 2019 | News, Press Release

Adds five new Essentials offerings for companies to leverage pre-built assessments designed by subject matter experts in supplier code of conduct, palm oil, soy, trade security, and more.


November 5, 2019, Santa Cruz, CA – At this year’s Summit on Responsible Supply Chains, SupplyShift, a leading responsible sourcing and supply chain transparency software platform, announced that five more Essentials solutions have been added to their pre-built assessment library. Essentials are a suite of assessments built in collaboration with subject matter experts for companies to align their strategies with today’s best practices in responsible supply chain engagement. The assessments cover a wide range of topics and help brands and retailers quickly create visibility, access supplier intelligence, and accelerate improvement in supplier sustainability performance.

Each assessment and related analytics are already defined, configured, and ready to be sent to suppliers. Brands or retailers simply load their suppliers to start assessing, and data populates dashboards as it’s submitted to instantly provide insights into their supply chain.

“Providing common responsible supply chain metrics through our solution is central to our philosophy of collaboration,” commented Jamie Barsimantov, co-founder and COO at SupplyShift.  “It’s critical to strike a balance between standardizing your approach and reinventing the wheel. When a company can leverage an existing measurement framework and still collect data that’s unique to their business, they drive improvement within their own supply chain while advancing alignment and efficiency within the ecosystem of supply chain responsibility.”

SupplyShift partners with organizations that have expertise in specific areas of sustainability to ensure that assessments measure the most relevant and impactful information. The new Essentials are based on established guidance by The Accountability Framework, Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (CTPAT), Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil, Dow Jones Sustainability Index, and more.

The new Essentials include:

  • The Rainforest Alliance Responsible Soy, Paper, & Wood Assessments
    Developed by The Rainforest Alliance to assess agriculture and forestry supply chains, and based on the Accountability Framework’s Core Principles, these assessments help companies conduct due diligence, assess sourcing risk, and quickly align with today’s best practices in responsible soy, paper, & wood sourcing.
  • Engagement for Policy Implementation (EPI): An Assessment and Engagement Tool for Responsible Palm Oil
    EPI is a process for data-driven dialogue with suppliers about their performance in achieving responsible palm oil supply chains. The process is centered around a standardized online survey, with expert review, to provide the information needed for targeted feedback, continuous improvement, and accountability. Developed by Earthworm Foundation, a global non-profit with decades of experience addressing deforestation and exploitation in commodity supply chains.
  • CTPAT: Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism Assessment
    Based on the Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (CTPAT).  The CTPAT Assessment provides a common set of indicators to help you measure importers’ supply chain security practices against CTPAT’s minimum criteria.
  • SupplyShift Essentials Sustainability Assessment (SESA)
    A social, environmental and business ethics performance assessment for your suppliers.  SESA helps you get started on your journey towards understanding social, environmental, and business ethics practices throughout your supply chain.
  • Certified Palm Oil Data Tracking Tool
    Aligned with RSPO’s Annual Communication of Progress (ACOP) Guidelines. Track volumes and documentation of certified palm oil in your supply chain to make reporting easy.  The Palm Oil Certified Sourcing assessment helps you quickly calculate your percentage of sustainably sourced palm oil while also providing insight into supplier practices and certifications.

To learn more about the SupplyShift Essentials, click here.

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SupplyShift’s cloud-based technology enables supplier performance measurement, secure traceability for supply chain transparency, and improved collaboration throughout the entire supply chain. SupplyShift’s technology platform efficiently gathers and analyzes supplier data, connecting companies to de-risk and improve supply chains. The platform is built with the belief that, when properly managed, a company’s supplier network can deliver incredible value for the company, the greater economy, and can play an important role in changing our world for the better. The SupplyShift platform makes it seamless to gain the insight needed to create a more responsive, responsible supplier network that makes the entire supply chain more productive.

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