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SupplyShift Announces New Tool to Help Businesses Advance Supplier Diversity in Supply Chains

Feb 10, 2021 | News, Press Release

11 February 2021

Santa Cruz, CA

SupplyShift announced today that they are adding the Supplier Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Assessment to its network, a new tool that helps businesses understand and advance diversity and inclusion in their supply chains. With many companies taking on new initiatives and learnings around diversity, equity, inclusion (DEI) this assessment will complement internal work with supply chain visibility. 

Prompted by the events of the past year, many businesses are working to embed diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) into their company culture. These initiatives often start with changes to hiring practices and broader internal policy adjustments, but these efforts can also have an extended positive impact when applied to their suppliers. By driving DEI in supply chains, businesses can advance diversity initiatives beyond their four walls, making opportunity more equitable for people around the world.

The Supplier Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Assessment is a new online tool delivered on the SupplyShift platform that helps businesses gauge diversity in their existing supply base, understand supplier DEI commitments, and identify opportunities for suppliers to increase participation in DEI initiatives. The solution goes beyond simple checks for minority-owned business certifications to also rate suppliers on how well they incorporate best practices in diversity, equity, and inclusion throughout their business.

The assessment was developed in partnership with taproot ventures, a consultancy specializing in DEI and corporate culture transformation. As part of the program, users gain access to private consulting sessions with the  taproot ventures team to help interpret results from the assessment results and apply their learnings to improve supplier performance in diversity, equity, and inclusion.

“taproot ventures places justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion at the heart of everything we do, and we’re honored to be applying that philosophy in stewardship assisting SupplyShift clients within this complicated space,” said Stephanie Cocumelli, Principal at taproot ventures. “For any company looking to tackle supplier diversity at scale, data is an important component of understanding the landscape. Working with SupplyShift, we’ll be able to assist with how that important data tells the story of supplier DEI. ”

SupplyShift is the supply chain sustainability platform for creating more transparent, lower risk, higher-performing supply chains. The Supplier Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Assessment is a new addition to its Standard Assessment library, a collection of online, pre-designed, collaboratively-built assessments that help companies gain insight across a variety of hot-button supply chain issues.

“Diversity and culture have become a huge component of corporate sustainability overall.” said Jamie Barsimantov, COO of SupplyShift. “There is such a great opportunity to grow DEI in the supply chain, and we’re excited to be able to offer this solution alongside Taproot’s expertise.”

The Supplier Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Assessment is available now. To learn more about the program, visit the SupplyShift website.

To learn more about Taproot Ventures, visit taproot’s website.

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