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SupplyShift and Anthesis Announce Strategic Alliance to Accelerate Supply Chain Sustainability Action

Sep 16, 2020 | News, Press Release

16 September 2020

Anthesis, the sustainability activator, and SupplyShift, the leading software network for responsible supply chains, today announced a strategic business alliance to accelerate supplier engagement and action on sustainability and ESG performance.

Combining the sustainability subject matter expertise and geographical reach of Anthesis with SupplyShift’s network approach to supply chain transparency and data exchange, the alliance will provide organizations and their vast supply chains with the three most critical components for successful and rapid transformation: data and analytics, communications and education, and targeted capacity building.

Founded in 2013, SupplyShift’s collaborative technology helps businesses simplify the processes of creating visibility, engaging suppliers, and managing data across complex, multi-tiered supply chains. The platform has been purpose-built to deliver the insights businesses need to improve supplier performance across a wide range of social and environmental sustainability issues, leveraging a network of industry groups, NGOs, and consulting partners to help companies combine technology with subject matter expertise. SupplyShift enables effective supplier data tracking and insights via a centralized platform for companies and suppliers to exchange data and reduce supplier assessment fatigue. With over 90,000 entities transacting data in over 133 countries, SupplyShift delivers actionable insights as the world’s largest network for responsible, transparent, and resilient supply chains.

This alliance further supports Anthesis’ technology-enabled approach to its consulting services and solutions to drive sustainable performance with its global clients. With more than twenty software solutions developed in-house, from greenhouse gas calculators to waste tracking tools, Anthesis also collaborates with innovative and progressive technology companies through its Anthesis Ventures initiative, that share its purpose and vision for a more productive and resilient world.

Anthesis Executive Director and North American lead for Ventures Josh Whitney says: “The real work of meeting ambitious ESG targets and SBTs is around shortening the cycle of data collection and including targeted supplier capacity-building, moving suppliers quickly from understanding to action. In SupplyShift we can deliver on these two most critical elements of an effective supplier engagement program: purpose-built software in combination with targeted capacity-building support.”

Jamie Barismantov, SupplyShift’s COO added: “Collaboration is at the heart of everything we do at SupplyShift, and we’re thrilled to enter this new relationship with Anthesis. By combining Anthesis’ subject matter expertise with our technology, we’ve created a powerful synergy that businesses can tap into and accomplish their supply chain sustainability work at a scalable, accelerated pace.”


About SupplyShift

SupplyShift provides a comprehensive platform to seamlessly gather and analyze supplier networks, connecting companies to de-risk and improve supply chains. SupplyShift’s cloud-based platform allows for reliable data management and performance measurement, secure traceability for supply chain transparency, and improved collaboration throughout the entire supply chain. The platform is built with the belief that, when properly managed, a company’s supplier network can deliver incredible value for the company, the greater economy, and can play an important role in changing our world for the better. The SupplyShift platform makes it seamless to gain the insight needed to create a more responsive, responsible supplier network that makes the entire supply chain more productive.

Contact: Lawerence Kelly, Product Marketing Manager

About Anthesis Group

Anthesis is the sustainability activator. We seek to make a significant contribution to a world which is more resilient and productive. We do this by working with cities, companies, and other organizations to drive sustainable performance. We develop financially driven sustainability strategies, underpinned by technical expertise, and delivered by innovative collaborative teams across the world. The company combines the reach of big professional services groups with the deep expertise of boutiques. Anthesis has clients across industry sectors from corporate multinationals such as Reckitt Benckiser, Cisco, Tesco, The North Face, and Target, and also supports early-stage companies through Anthesis Ventures. The company brings together 500 experts operating in 40 countries around the world and has offices in Andorra, Brazil, Canada, China, Colombia, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, the Middle East, the Philippines, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, the UK, and the U.S.

Contact: Kirsten Doddy, Global Head of Marketing & Communications. 07766 734314

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