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Bonsucro and SupplyShift Launch Sugar Mapping Tool, a New Tech Solution Enabling Companies to Track and Ensure Sustainable Sugar Production

Sep 1, 2021 | News, Press Release

September 1, 2021

Santa Cruz, CA

New tool helps companies track environmental, social, and supply chain sustainability performance for cane and beet sugar globally.

Today SupplyShift, a sustainable supply chain technology platform, and Bonsucro, a global non-profit focused on promoting sustainability in the production and uses of sugarcane, announced that they are releasing the Sugar Mapping Tool. The tool is a new cloud-based solution that enables companies to map and assess sustainability performance in global sugar supply chains. The tool is now available for use on SupplyShift.

Sugarcane is the most widely produced agricultural crop in the world – covering over 65 million acres of land. Sugarcane production poses significant environmental and social sustainability risks, including intensive water use, pollution, greenhouse gas emissions, low wages, and poor working conditions. In response to these concerns, consumer and regulatory demand for more sustainable sugar continues to mount. To meet consumer demand and comply with increasing regulations, any organization invested in sugarcane production needs efficient and scalable methods to ensure the sugar or sugarcane derivatives they source are produced in an ethical and sustainable manner.

The Sugar Mapping Tool combines Bonsucro’s expertise in sustainability in the sugarcane sector with SupplyShift’s supplier engagement platform to help businesses streamline transparency and sustainability performance evaluation in sugar supply chains. Using the tool, companies can map and assess sugar suppliers to both the mill and farm level, gaining crucial insight into performance across the commodity’s most critical environmental and social sustainability issues. The tool can be leveraged for certified or non-certified sugarcane, beet sugar, and other sugar products like ethanol, molasses, and bagasse, providing companies with the data they need to make informed decisions about sourcing.

SupplyShift is the supply chain sustainability platform for creating more transparent, lower risk, higher-performing supply chains. The Bonsucro Sugar Mapping Tool is one of the latest additions to its Standard Assessment library, a collection of online, collaboratively-built assessments that help companies gain insight across a variety of salient supply chain issues.

“Bonsucro is the leading organization for driving sustainability in the sugar sector, and we’re honored to be partnered with them on this issue,” said Jamie Barsimantov, co-founder and COO of SupplyShift. “The new tool will make sugar mapping and assessment much more efficient, so companies can focus their efforts on addressing the highest priority issues and suppliers in their supply chain.”

Bonsucro is the global sustainability platform for sugarcane. Its purpose is to collectively accelerate the sustainable production and uses of sugarcane for farmers, millers, buyers, and end users through certification, training, resources, evaluation, and more. Bonsucro supports a community of over 270 members in more than 50 countries, including Nestlé, Pepsico, General Mills, and many more. The members collectively represent 27% of production and 20% of purchasing globally. 

“At Bonsucro, we’re always looking for new ways to enable the industry to make smart, sustainable sourcing decisions about sugarcane and its derivatives,” said Rafael Seixas, Membership Manager at Bonsucro. “Data is such an important piece of that decision making process for our members, and selecting the right application to deliver that data is a critical step. We’re thrilled to offer the Sugar Mapping Tool through SupplyShift.”

Bonsucro’s Sugar Mapping Tool, powered by SupplyShift, is available now. To learn more, visit the SupplyShift website.

About SupplyShift

SupplyShift is the supply chain sustainability platform for creating more transparent, lower risk, higher-performing supply chains.  SupplyShift enables businesses to assess suppliers, unify data, uncover insights, and take action on key sustainability issues all with one platform.

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About Bonsucro

Bonsucro is the global sustainability platform for sugarcane, one of the world’s most important crops. Its purpose is to collectively accelerate the sustainable production and uses of sugarcane – for farmers, millers, buyers, and end users. It convenes its members and other partners to address critical challenges in the sugarcane sector, and drive performance and impact through its system of sustainability standards for sugarcane.

Bonsucro works across all sugarcane products and derivatives – sugar, ethanol, molasses, and bagasse. It also works across both traditional and newer market sectors, from sugar and alcohol to biofuels and bioplastics.

Bonsucro manages a community of more than 270 members in over 50 countries from across the sugarcane supply chain, representing 27% of production and 20% of buyers – from farmers and millers to traders and end users.

To learn more about Bonsucro, visit its website:



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