Travel Fuels One’s Soul

Kristen Briggs

January 03, 2017

“Travel fuels one’s soul. Through travel we become better educated to make informed decisions in our everyday life. Through these decisions we have the power to create change.” – Belinda Shillcock Co-Founder and Director, Soulful Concepts

Soulful Concepts offers socially conscious travelers a special collection of responsible travel experiences that give back to the communities and environment in the destinations they visit. Our focus is on culture, community development, conservation, personal well-being, and sustainability.

We know travel is better when you can give back as much as you get. That’s why we have designed every single one of our trips around contributing, supporting and participating in local projects and community initiatives. In each of our unique destinations, we have partnered with hand-picked projects that aim to do great things like sustain the environment and have a positive impact on the local communities. From giving you a unique way to get up close and personal, to incorporating a donation into the overall travel cost, our responsible travel experiences allow a myriad of opportunities to get involved.

We are so very proud to be the first Australian company to join the Sustainable Coffee Challenge powered by SupplyShift and would like to encourage other companies to join the challenge.

The entire livelihood of 25 million farmers depend on this incredibly important global commodity, but climate change is affecting coffee growing conditions in each part of the world. The market volatility has significantly lowered prices, aging coffee trees are declining in productivity, and the next generation of coffee farmers are seeking economic alternatives for their livelihoods. The global community needs to work together on these complex issues to offer a wide range of solutions and commitments.

We have partnered with SupplyShift to help measure the value chain at each coffee farm we visit on our tours. We will be collecting data and insights from local coffee farmers on harvesting techniques, quality control, working conditions and production processes; enabling improved sustainability practices. In addition, we will also be collecting travelers feedback giving insight into consumers demands and preferences.

Our partnership with SupplyShift not only allows us to make use of the SupplyShift technology platform to assess travel partners and plan itineraries, it also gives us access to their network identifying new collaboration partners like Sustainable Harvest and initiatives like the Sustainable Coffee Challenge.

Our new Sustainable Coffee Tours aims to educate coffee consumers and industry professionals on the crop-to-cup process while supporting smallholder coffee farmers in creating sustainable productivity to help meet the future demands of this highly sought-after global commodity. By standard we include a nominal donation in our tour price given directly to coffee farming cooperatives or charitable organisations who support local coffee farmers in the destinations we visit. India, Guatemala, Rwanda and Sulawesi are part of our coffee tour plan already, and in return, we introduce our corporate clients to SupplyShift.

For more info, please read our Sustainable Coffee Tours flyer or visit our website:

Kristen Briggs

January 03, 2017