Wrangler Optimizes Data Collection and Reporting Efforts Using SupplyShift

Wrangler, the iconic American denim brand is part of an industry-wide push for transparency and sustainable practices in apparel. In order to meet their commitments, they needed to save time managing data and seamlessly report on key performance indicators from The Sustainability Consortium. In the past, it was difficult to collect and understand their manufacturing data. Now, Wrangler uses SupplyShift to query, analyze, and report information, giving them better insights, better results, and more time to improve their supply chain strategy.

Download the case study to find out how Wrangler:

  • Collected information from 115 global facilities in 4 weeks
  • Assessed their suppliers and created complete KPI dashboards in one system
  • Rolled up complex manufacturing data from 2 tiers with no manual analysis
  • Provided value to their suppliers with easier processes and results publishing

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